Friday, July 15, 2011

My End Tables

What do you see?
Okay, besides a huge ugly yellow wall--which IS going to be painted this Fall before my Craft Sale.

What don't you really see?
my end tables....
I bought these end tables unfinished in Amish Country in Lancaster, Pa 5 years ago.

For some reason I thought it a great idea to paint them with a burgundy bottom and white top.
I know it looks red on the photo, but after two coats of paint and stain it turned dark burgundy.
The white top was suppose to match my trunk coffee table.

They just get lost beside that big brown sofa--which I love...brown.:)

I have really been liking all those tables that have the stained top with white bottom.
So that is what I did.

I stripped the table top and sanded it so that I could stain it later.
Next I painted the bottoms with my left over white Kitchen and Bath paint.

I got the Jacobean Fiddes Sons Wax to try.
I have never used wax before.
I watched Miss Mustard Seed's tutorial on Waxes 101.
I guess I failed the class.

This is what happened when I applied the wax to my white, dry paint.

It turned gray.  Only where I initially applied the brush.
I tried to buff it , but it didn't work.
I couldn't get rid of it.
Help me please--if you can.
I really want to be able to use this wax.

Needless to say this side now faces the wall.
I put Fiddes and Sons away and got out my handy dandy Minwax Walnut colored Stain. 
 I applied it with a brush and wiped it in with a soft rag.

After the bottoms were finished, I stained the table top with Early American color stain.
I also put one coat of poly on the table top.

I  am loving the "new" look to my end tables.

What do you see?

You know the sofa, rug and carpet don't look so off centered when you are standing in my living room.

Here is another look at the before:

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  1. Love it!! Beautiful paint/stain color choices, and it makes your living room pop! Great work!

  2. They look great! I really like them!

  3. Those look reallllly good now. You did a great job!

  4. I love the new look - much simpler and cleaner and they really stick out now. Great job.

    Good luck finding info on the wax. I've never used it so have no hints.

  5. I love how you changed up those end tables! They look great! I wish I could help with the wax but I'm having wax issues on a dining room table.

  6. LOVE the table redo! It's like it was meant to be just like that. I haven't tried waxes yet myself. I'm thinking perhaps the wax couldn't soak into the paint you chose perhaps? Maybe that's why it works so well on top of the matte finish chalk paint. But I'm only guessing.


  7. I thought they were antiques when I saw them on Funky Junk's blog. Great job!! Don't have any suggestions for the wax. Too new to furniture makeovers to know a solution!

    They look lovely!

    The Lavender Magnolia

  8. They are so pretty! I really love the paint/stain combo too. I wish I knew more about waxes, but unfortunately I don't. It's so fun how all of these DIY projects are learning experiences!

  9. Thanks for stopping by and for becoming a follower. I'm following you now too. I LOVE your tables! You are so right that they are noticed now and don't disappear. Not sure about the wax, I have only used a clear minwax wax once so far. Did you try lightly sanding the excess off? The stains look great with the white. I know coir etc rugs are all the rage right now but I love your braid rug and have always wanted one (the only ones I have seen are out of my budget for large sizes.)I'm off to see more of your blog.

  10. I find it best to use a clear wax first, and then add touches of the dark wax. The clear wax kind of finishes it/seals it. Then the dark wax is added sparingly for the color. Do you have any clear wax to try? Sorry for the frustration!! :( They look REALLY nice though the way you did them! :)

  11. Also, I used it on my cupboards, and they were satin paint, so it doesn't have to be chalk paint. But again, I used a clear wax first, and then just added the stained wax on that, and I didn't need to ad much of it.

  12. Everything looks great together! Such a pretty and simple redo. And I don't have any experience with Fiddes, but it's great to hear everyone else's experiences and advice on it since I'm considering changing the wax I use.

    And thanks so much for leaving such kind comments on my blog! I agree with you that the cabinet may have looked better with the right furniture and in the right room. I think it's just me. I have dry brush anxiety and don't think I'll ever think it looks "right" when I do it!

    Hope you had a great weekend! I'm a new follower :).


  13. This little table looks awesome. Nice work!

  14. I really like the shape of those tables. Good Job!

  15. Those look gorgeous! I'd like to feature them next week! :)

  16. Wow, those end tables really do give the room a lot more life:) Great job!

  17. I think the tables look great!!!! I just started using wax too,but haven't tried the brand you used initially. I just started with a clear paste wax .I would love to use the darker ones. Sara

  18. Your tables look great! I have really been liking the stained tops & white painted bottoms on furniture in blogland. Makes me 2nd guess my desk makeover!

  19. Simply smashing! I love this look. Yours look great!

  20. Those tables turned out wonderfully! I love them.


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