Monday, April 30, 2012

Fruit of the Spirit Sign

I love finding things in the trash.
This door was on a cabinet that was out for trash.  I really wanted to redo the cabinet, but it wasn't worth trying to save.  I thought the door would make a great sign.

I painted it in the stone color sample I had for my walls.

I decided to put the fruit of the Spirit on it using different fonts.
When I printed them off and taped them to the door, I thought they looked close enough together.

I transferred the words onto the door using the same technique that I used on my sign in this post Here.
After I painted the words on with my Sharpie Paint marker, I sanded and stained the door with dark walnut stain.


 I love the character the stain brings out in the door


I think I would have liked it better if the words were bigger and closer together.
I know it would have been easier to paint if they were a larger font.

It found a home on the wall above our bed.

Speaking of bed, I have not found a frame yet, but remember when I showed you my quilt that I tried to dye brown?  I really did not want to get another quilt.  I love this one, but the weird brown color was not going well in my "new" bedroom.

So I bleached it.

Here it is.  The same quilt.
I put bleach in my bathtub and let the quilt soak for hours.
This quilt is heavy when it is not wet, so when I took it out of the tub wet, I think my back broke in half!
It was HEAVY!
I put it in the washer and put it on high spin to wring it out.
Then I washed it.
The result feels like a new quilt!

I am really loving the bright new room.
I'm still searching for the bed frame.

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  1. Oooo, Tammy, I LOVE the sign AND the quilt!! It was worth bleaching the quilt...looks so clean and cheerful!!

  2. Tammy, So glad you were able to save the quilt. It looks awesome now:) I adore your new sign, the different fonts makes it all pop. Great thrifty find.

  3. I think this turned out great...it's a wonderful way to upcycle a door! Thanks so much for sharing.

  4. Tammy this is a great sign...it's a good reminder to us all.

  5. Love your new sign, especially the cupboard door.
    Your quilt looks wonderful. Glad it turned out for you. have a wonderful day!


  6. I love the sign! And the quilt looks great too :)

  7. Your door sign looks terrific. How nice that your quilt worked out. I love the pretty design on it.


  8. I love the fruits of the Spirit, great way to share them! Thanks for linking up.


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