Monday, July 16, 2012

What I May Do For $5

What would you do for $5?
I take four kiddos, and see how much we can stuff in the van with all of us.
I think this was one of the craziest Craigslist pick ups I've done.

First, I called the guy and he said the dresser is at his family's Pizza place.
I get to the Pizza place and the guy in there tells me the dresser is on the porch of this abandoned gas station.
Am I embarrassed?
I'll take it :)
Off we go!
It wasn't a beauty, but it had potential.
I wanted to re-stain the top, so I sanded that down.
I painted the inside of the drawers with one coat of Annie Sloans Old White.
I got a sample of Annie Sloans Coco and painted the dresser and the outside of the drawers in Coco.
Here are the drawers before wax.
I then used Fiddes & Sons Clear and Dark wax.
To distress it,
I sanded the edges after I brushed on the clear wax.
This piece was easy and fun to distress.
I used Dark Walnut to stain on the top, and I coated it with three layers of clear wax.
I think this picture is a little more like the true color of the Coco.
I really love the Coco.

My youngest claimed it.
He kind of has an Americana collection building on his side of the room.
This blends well with his flags and Declaration of Independence that is hanging on his wall.

What was your crazy Craigslist trip?

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  1. Miles what a nice dresser :)

  2. Love love it! What a deal!

  3. Tammy that is an awesome makeover - fabulous job. I love the colours and the antiquey-ness of it all. Just perfect!!


  4. Love love love it!!! Great job. That dresser looks perfect with the braided rug. Wish I was as talented as you.

  5. Super cool find!And you did an amazing job transforming it.Your son is lucky to be able to enjoy it.No crazy Craig's list finds.Actually I have not been lucky finding anything on there yet.

  6. REALLY nice!!! I LOVE chalk paint!! Isn't it great!? This came out soooo nice! I did have a crazy Craigslist trip to get my table top. It was so hard to find one to fit my porch table, and this one was perfect, but almost an hour away. When I got there, it was about 11 am, and everyone was acting like they were just waking up. People kept coming out of the tiny house like it was filled with people, hung over people, but when I stepped inside, it was STUFFED FULL of mess and stuff, REEKED of cat pee, and there were two HUGE dogs barking at me. I wanted to turn around and run...but I got my table top. :) My mom was with me, or I don't think I would have had the nerve. :)

  7. You worked for that dresser but it's certainly worth it! Love how it turned out. ~ Maureen

  8. I love what you did with the dresser. It's very nice and I'm quite partial to stained tops and painted bodies. Hmmm, that doesn't sound right. But anyway... I've yet to try Craigslist for items, but hubby has a friend that does quite well on there. Maybe you could give a post sometime on what to look for on the list and what to avoid for those of us newbies. BTW, I had a similar project on my blog where I redid a thrift store find for my son's room. I can appreciate the amount of work that goes into the project. Looking forward to your next post! Good luck.

  9. What a stunning dresser! I love seeing something so shabby turn out to be such a treasure. I am with Bethany, I have yet to buy anything from Craiglist . . . I think I may be a nervous newbie. Any tips on what to look for would definitely be greatly appreciated.

    I am new to your blog but have been loving every post I have seen! :D

  10. Wow! What a great transformation! And for $5.00! I imagine it looks perfect with flags and the Declaration of Independence. That's just my style!


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