Sunday, November 4, 2012

John Stevens' Open House

It has been super crazy, busy around here.
I am getting ready for my sale that is happening in exactly 9 days.
My house is a mess!
So what do I want to do?
Go to somebody else's home that isn't a mess.
A home that I would call my dream home.
Yesterday we went to the home of John Stevens.
He is a local artist here in York County, Pa.
Here is one of his many watercolor paintings.
Hubby and I walked into his Gallery one Saturday in September.
We noticed inside the gallery there were two half doors along the one wall that led to what we thought was an historic museum home.  We were told by the lady at the Gallery that it was actually the artist's home.  
She invited us to come to his annual Fall Open House to tour his home.
Below you can see that the door on the right leads to the gallery and the door on the left is his home.
It is all one building.
He restored this house and filled it with antiques and primitives.
This is the back of his home.
He had an addition built on the back which is the sided part of the building.
He built this incredible fish pond.
You walk on a bridge to get to the back garden area.
These little sheds are used for storage and a workshop.
Someone was in the red one painting.
Let's go inside.
I am so sad that I did not get his kitchen.
There were people talking at the island, and I felt funny taking a picture of them.
All I have of the downstairs is the Dinning Room, which is part of the addition he built.
Sorry it is not a very good pic.
I like the simplicity of the window treatment :)
And the front room.
These are the front steps that lead upstairs to the second floor.
There was a room that was immediately to the left at the top of the steps.
It was huge and at first I didn't realize it was a bathroom.
Check out the shutter doors for the shower!
I love the penny rug draped on the Chamber Pot.
Here is the sink in the bathroom.
They had 2 bedrooms open to the public. 
 This one was across the way from the bathroom.
The house is very livable even though it looks like a museum.
You can see some of his watercolors on the wall around the bed.
Now this bedroom below is a dream room of mine.
He had built this paneled wall. 
 It looks amazing!
I love the color too.
Check out the ceiling fan.  I want one!
This cabinet hung on the wall directly across from the bed.
Can you guess what it is storing?
Very clever...
Now for the final room that was open on the second floor
Guess what it is......
the Laundry Room!
My dream laundry room.
I did buy a print of his.
I really wanted to get one because he was a local artist.
I got home only to find that it wasn't signed.
I drove back to get his signature on the print, and because I drove back he gave me a free greeting card.
That was nice.
I really enjoyed the little tour.

Now back to reality.  
I am not even brave enough to show you my house right now.
Please don't just drop in; it's not pretty!


  1. Thanks for taking me on a tour of a wonderful home! With an eye for beauty like yours, I'm sure you don't need to worry about anyone seeing what you are doing to beautify you home. ~ Maureen

  2. Would love to live there, but, would want a maid to help me clean. :) So beautiful!!! :)

  3. What a beautiful house!!! What a great artist he is, too!!


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