Sunday, December 9, 2012

Primitive Stockings for the Kiddos

I have always wanted to make some primitive looking stockings for my kiddos.
Every year I had good intentions, but I never made them.
I decided to buy some knit stockings.
I tea-dyed them and stitched the their names on them.
I liked the stockings, however they did not have a lining.
When it came time to filling the stockings, everything would get caught in all of the yarn.
What a Pain!
Last year I made a pattern, but didn't make the stockings.
This was the year I was going to do them!
I am sew so glad that I wrote instructions on my pattern.
These stockings are meant to put stuff in them, and a skinny stocking isn't worth using.
I bought a yard of linen at Wal-mart for $2.97.
I was able to fit 4 stockings on one yard--YAY!
I had a little bit of this fury type of material left from making my star snowmen.
I thought it perfect for trimming my stockings!
I got out all the necessities and was ready to cut.
I cut the trim 3 in. thick.
because I made up the pattern, I had to make up how I was going to put this all together.
I sewed the right side of the trim to the wrong side of the linen
along the top edge of each side of the stocking.
I then flipped it over so that the right side of the trim would be on the right side of the fabric.
Confused yet? =)
I pressed it not worrying what the heat was doing to my fur trim.
You see it is Primitive, and I am about to destroy all daintiness of this stocking anyway.
Now I pinned the right sides of my stocking together.
I sewed on my pencil line,
(in some areas near the trim I went a little on the inside on the pencil line)
 clipped the curves,
and turned the stocking.
Okay, I am about to ruin transform this crisp stocking into an aged stocking using some coffee and tea bags.
I boiled some water and threw in some cheap instant coffee and two tea bags.
I soaked all four stockings overnight.
Here they are drying in my kitchen.
My poor kiddos.  
They will have memories of having to dodge all of mom's tea-dyed, coffee-stained fabrics in the kitchen while wrestling their way back to their school work at the kitchen table.
I wanted their names to be on tags.
Each kiddo picked their own font for their name.
Each font definitely matches their personality.
I copied the names from the computer onto some Kraft paper.
I then traced an old tag pattern around the name.
Yes, these tags did not escape a quick dunk into some coffee for some aging effect.
After they were dry, I took some ink and sponged some brown on the edges for a darker look.
To attach the tags,
I cut strips of cheese cloth that I had baptized in some coffee too.
With a little twine...
some rustic bells
and a rustic star

My primitive stockings are complete!
I hope you enjoyed this little bit of my Homespun Christmas!

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  1. Hi Tammy. I love them and I bet your house smells good too!..Happy Sunday.Judy

  2. They are wonderful! If I was going to make stockings I'd definitely be doing them your way! Thanks for sharing.

  3. They are gorgeous! If I was ever to make stockings I'd do them your way. Thanks!

  4. Hi Tammy!
    This is silverfeather's daughter, Angie :) I absolutely love these stockings!!!! Very primitive! Great job!

  5. What treasures you have made Tammy! I love how they look primitive!

  6. Tammy, they are just darling. My bestie would love them (are you tired of hearing that yet). Thanks for linking up")


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