Sunday, March 3, 2013

Seems Like Yesterday

My oldest is now 16.  
For some reason the first question asked of him is "Are you getting your license?".
 I have a 16 year old? 
 A child that can drive?

I started thinking back to the first time I drove.
It was on my grandparent's farm.
I was around 2 or 3 years.
As my grandpa finished plowing the fields, he would stop by the house to pick me up. Holding me on his lap, he allowed me to steer our way back to the barn where the animals lived and where the tractor came to rest over night.  I am so thankful for those weekends spent on the farm.   Such fun and warm memories with my grandparents on their farm. 
It was always a FARMALL for my Grandpa.
How about you? 
What was your first experience at the wheel?


  1. The first time I drove was when I got my learner's permit. Everyone got in the car- Mom, Dad, all three siblings, seems like my aunt was along for the ride. First corner I came to negotiate I promptly drove up over the curb and in to the neighbor's yard. An illustrious start to my driving career.

  2. Oh I don't envy you at all.My daughter is 13 and I know those driving years will be soon upon us.Although I think I will be really strict and not let her drive alone until is is 18 LOL.
    I started driving at 16.My Dad took me out.He was a white knuckle teacher and scared me half to death.I hated driving with him.But truth be told I think I would be the same way with my daughter.So when the time comes for driving my husband will have the privilege of driving with her :-)

  3. You won't believe this, but I started or rather stopped driving about 15 years ago. You see I went for my driver's license rather late in life, then when I had my learner's I had some close shaves and stopped altogether and 15 years passed in a flash...still no driving! Last month I finally sat again for my learner's test and passed. This time I am one determined cookie to pass that driver's test. Starting lessons this weekend!


  4. I grew up on a farm and we had Case tractors, plus. an occasional Farmall and Minneapolis Moline! Definitely had the same first "driving" experience as you!!!! Best wishes to your son! My daughter just turned 22 and I am still surprised when I see her drive off! Lol! Jane

  5. Where did the time go?! Hope Wilson had a special birthday!!!


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