Wednesday, May 15, 2013

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I love this time of year here in PA.  Yard sales and garage sales are all around every weekend.  Most of the time you just get a lot of stuff that you really don't need.  I try and only have some change in my wallet so I don't make too many foolish purchases.  
This past weekend I only had some quarters in my wallet.
We stopped at this guy's yard sale.  Not much was there.  A lot of junk really.  I walked passed the table that had all the glassware and dishes, but on my way back to the car I spotted this little pitcher near the back of the same table with all the dishes.  I thought it would look cute with some greens in it.  I asked the guy how much and he said 50 cents. 
After I paid for it, I was standing there telling my kiddos how at first I thought it looked white, but it had a kind of bluish gray tint to it.  I flipped it upside down while admiring the color, and a lady that was nearby said that the mark on the bottom looked old.
When I got home I Googled the marking.  What would our lives be without Google!?!
I found out that they stopped marking the dishes like this in 1880.  They had a code for the exact date on the site, and I was able to figure out that my little pitcher was made July 21, 1851.  How cool was that!  It doesn't even have one chip on it!
I think it is lovely and am just enjoying it the way I intended to enjoy it.....
with some greens!


  1. Well done! What a great treasure!

  2. Screaming very loud here. Don't you love it when a true treasure pops up right in your face! Even if it wasn't a treasure, it is still very pretty.

  3. Great find -- good eye!!! I always get excited when I see that triangular mark on the bottom knowing that it is old, and that I'll be able to figure out the date exactly. Sally

  4. better hide it away when I come !!

  5. Very exciting when you are lucky enough to find a total bargain like that, especially an unexpected one!

  6. What a beautiful pitcher! Don't you love a great find? Your new follower--- Cindy @ sunsetcoasting.blogspot.com

  7. Love the pitcher and the story. I love Google, too!!!
    Good for you. :)

  8. Wow, don't you just love finding treasures!!! Great buy!!
    Loretta xx

  9. It's lovely and it's really cool that you were able to find the date when it was made! I google all my finds as well!


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