Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Apple Ladders Made From Pallets

I love to decorate with ladders.
My grandpa gave me one from his farm, and I love it.
I have a feed sack hanging from it that also came from his farm.
You can see the feed sack and part of the ladder in this photo.
About 10 or more years ago I bought this little apple ladder at a craft store in Lancaster, Pa.
I have always wanted to make my own.
After I tore apart a set of pallets, I was left with these thick main boards.  I guess they are the frame for the pallet boards.  I thought these would be perfect for my apple ladders.
Below is the ladder that I bought long ago.
I used this ladder as a template for cutting the rungs for my "new" ladders.
So here are a set of rungs--just straight cut blocks from the pallet boards--no need to cut angles.
Now for the nails.  
I tried to save as many of the nails that I could when I tore apart the pallets.
They were awful rusty things--I love 'em :)
Okay, now for nailing it together--try not to get distracted by my antique stove in the background.
I tried to measure the distance between rungs, but I found it better to just put the rung in between the two boards and tap it with a hammer towards the top of the ladder until it looked okay.
A lot of guess work going on here.
I was so excited that it worked out!
Two "new" apple ladders.
Remember when I was tearing apart the pallets and I hammered my shin in the same spot twice.
Well, of course I couldn't finish a pallet project without hammering some part of my body again, could I?
OUCH!  Tears....sniffle...sniffle....sip some coffee....deep breath....okay, finish the project.
I thought I would stain them with dark walnut--I won't do that again.
They turned out too dark for me.
I did sand them after staining, but they are still too dark for me.  
I don't like it when it looks almost black--too fake.
These boards really had some character of their own.
I am very happy with the way they turned out for my first try.
You can see the older ladder in the back holding a logging tool.

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  1. Morning
    Lovin those apple ladders.
    Sorry about your boo boo.
    But I think it was worth it.


  2. You go girl. Great ladder. You do seem to hit yourself with the hammer quite frequently. LOL
    Is an apple ladder used to actually pick apples. I have never heard it referred to in that way??

  3. I love your ladders!! I love them too and have them around my house and yard ~

  4. Oh these are just awesome! Sorry you hammered yourself again! Ouch!

  5. Great job Tammy...just love your creativity! Hope your injuries are healed!

  6. Love your new Ladders Tammy! You did an awesome job!
    Sorry to hear about your injury. Hope it heals fast!
    Enjoy your day!!!!

  7. Your ladders are great. Poor thumb. BE CAREFUL, GIRL !!

  8. Came over from Cowgirl Up to see the ladder. Impressed - and only a couple of boo-boos. Love the vintage look. Mix some cider vinegar and hydrogen peroxide together in a glass jar and throw in your nails. Seal with a lid, shake daily, and let them loose when they are rusty enough to suit you!

    Distressed Donna Down Home

  9. Great project! Thanks for stopping by my blog -- I'm in the process of perusing your older posts. I love your style. Sally

  10. way too cool! I was just wishing I had some old ladders, DUH, why not make my own? Thanks for the great idea! :)

  11. These are great! enjoying my visit here.

    barbara jean

  12. Love your ladders, great idea. Go Girl!!
    Blessings from Canada.

  13. Great ideas thanks for the inspiration Michele - Nothern British columbia Canada

  14. I'm having so much fun this morning looking around your blog. I really like these, and it looks so easy to make. I love working with wood, you've given me some great inspiration! I found a place where I can get pallets for .50c a piece, I want to buy a whole truck load! :-)

  15. I'm having so much fun looking around your blog this morning! I love your ladders, this looks so easy to do, thank you for sharing. I love working with wood, and you have my fingers itching, ready to go make something. I found a place where I can buy pallets for .50c a piece! :-)

  16. Love the ladders! Do you have the dimensions for the rungs? Just took apart 4 or 5 pallets and thought this would be a great way to use the left overs. Thanks for the idea and the inspiration on many other projects, we have similar taste in the way we craft...boo boos and all.
    Missy B 2309beeman@comcast.net


  17. Hi I found you on the Blog hop. Now following you. Please stop by and say hi when you get a minute.
    Please check out my new Weekly Goals Blog hop. You can find it here. if you would like to check it out.
    Have a great evening! Lenetta

  18. I wonder if one can use gorilla glue to attach the rungs. I am terrified of hammers....everytime I use one, I get hammered instead of the object...lol

    Having great fun looking around your blog!:)

  19. LOVE all your posts....this apple ladder looks like a FUN project to share with my husband. Loving the simplicity of the DIY projects, home base and practical use of each project. My favorite 2 sayings is "its all in the details", something old becomes something new

  20. Just found your ladder via pinterest. Could you please list the sizes of the rungs?


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