Friday, July 31, 2015

Creating a Reusable Graduation Photo Board

 This year was a first for me. 
 My oldest graduated from high school. 
 I had the opportunity to home-school him from kindergarten through grade 12.
We had a small graduation service at our church.  I needed to make a photo board to display some pictures.  I thought this through and realized I wanted to make it reusable.  You see I have 3 more graduating in the next couple of years.
I bought everything at the Dollar Tree.
One Display board:
I also bought two pieces of black poster board to use as a background.
Using rubber cement, I attached the poster board to the display board.
I got out my eyelet tools to make holes in the display board.
 I used twine and these clips I found to display pics.
What's nice about this is that when my daughter graduates, I can change out the twine for ribbon.  Those clips come in different colors too!
 My very talented 10th grader drew a sign for me--Freehand!
He is so talented, he puts my signs to shame!
To attach the signs and other decor I bought sticky Velcro.  Again, I can decorate each child's board differently to their liking.  I also bought a pack of these graduation stickers to add some decor around the pics. 
There is Velcro on the black poster board under these decorations and can easily host a new decoration for each child.
Here it is with photos.
Sorry, it is not the greatest pic, but hopefully you can get the idea of how I displayed the photos.
Happy weekend!
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