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Monday, June 19, 2017

Gardening with our DYI Cold Boxes

I really miss our gardens!
Moving here,we have to start all over.
One of the things I wanted in my new garden was Cold Boxes.
My son and I gathered all kinds of scrap wood around our house and got started on building our own.  We found three windows on the Facebook Marketplace which is very addicting.
I painted them with some outdoor white paint we had.
We planted some Kale from seed in one and English Lavender in the other.
Here is some squash, dill, and a hanging gourd all from seeds.
So here is the beginning of our new garden.
We have found that too many bunnies live in our yard!
They love my oregano.
Kale is growing and my daughter also is trying to grow some zinnias too!
Hubby also built the stone wall in the background.  A stone wall must have been there years ago, because we found all those stones hiding under the bushes.  Great find for us!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Windows, Windows, Windows

A friend of mine dropped off some windows and things.  
She said, "Go create something with these."
Scary for me.
She said that she loves what I create; so just do whatever I think will look good.
Oh the Pressure!
She did give me the colors that she wanted.

Such neat windows!


I started with painting the windows with a mix of Barn Yard Red Folk Art paint and some Wrought Iron.
I also stained them with some Dark Walnut Minwax Stain.
I thought I would add some chicken wire to the smaller window.

This window was going to have the wreath she gave me.  
I had some small rustic stars in my craft supplies.
I brushed a little Annie Sloan's Old White on them and clear waxed them.

Here is the smaller window.

She gave me a small star and a big star.
I painted them with Annie Sloan's Old White and waxed them with Fiddes & Sons clear and Jacobean Dark Wax.
She wanted some berries on the window.
This was the last of my burgundy and white berry supply.

I made a sign out a board from a pallet.
I painted "Family/ Friends" on the sign, because when I think of this lady, I think that Family and Friends are important in her life.

The pallet board had 2 holes right in the middle...perfect for my project.

I put holes in the star and wired it to the sign with the berries underneath.

Here is the finished second window.

I love this window--just the window itself has character.

I tied a little homespun to the big star.

I hope this is what she had in mind.
The smaller window can hang tall or wide.

I like simple.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Window Change

I'm not sure if you all remember this window.
It came from our attic.
I made the twiggy wreath from some twigs in my yard.

I had a customer from my craft sale that was interested in the window, but she wanted a fabric star to go in the center.

So I purchased this star.
Okay, for all you Shabby Chic Ladies now would be a good time to leave my blog.
This star is about to turn into some 'homespun' love. :)

I used Elmer's glue and a paint brush to apply some glue all over the star.

I then took my homespun fabric, placed it over the star, and rubbed it smooth with my hand.

I cut around the star leaving about an inch and a half of fabric to fold under the star.

I applied another layer of glue on top of the fabric.

Folding the fabric around the edge of the star, I did the same process of applying the glue and fabric to the star.

Now for the saying on the window.
My customer wanted burgundy as her color.
She didn't care really what it said.
I had to paint over this saying since it was barn red.

I sanded over the lettering.

I painted 2 coats of a mix of 2/3 red and 1/3 black on the board.

I then painted the saying with a linen color.
After the paint dried I applied a coat of Minwax's Walnut Stain to the board, and I let it soak in for a minute or two before wiping in the stain.

This is what it looked like after I rubbed the stain in.
I also put some rustic stars in between the words.

I hope my customer likes it.

My camera really doesn't do the colors justice.
So sorry for the bad photo.

As for my Twiggy Wreath.....

It found a home on my wall.
I love it!

Happy Crafting!

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Homemade Treasures

I love those days at home where everyone is doing their own projects.  This past Saturday was like that. Bethany and Wilson were working at different people's homes doing odd jobs to raise money to be able to go on a youth trip to Empowered Youth.  Harrison and Miles were the only ones here.  Dan and I were building some benches out of the old steps that were in our attic.  Miles and Harrison were outside trimming a bush in our yard.  I had plans for those branches they were cutting and sawing down.  I didn't know that Harrison also had plans for the scraps of branches piling up in the yard.
When we were finished, Dan went on a bike ride.  I asked if the boys would help me take off the leaves of the branches because I wanted to make a twig wreath.  They are so sweet.  They willingly helped me do my craft.  Then Harrison asked if he could have the rest of the branches.  I didn't care.  It was garbage to me now.  I was so into what I was doing that I didn't realize what the boys were doing.  
So while I was making this:

They were building this:

Like I said in an older post, my children make the best of what we have.  I think this does come from me a little.  You see I love to make something new from something old.
The old steps in our attic turned into these:

This is what I've looked like for the past month.  I'm glad you didn't just stop in:)

I also wanted to use the old windows that were in our attic.

Do you think I should do something else to them?  I'm at a mental block.

Some may think my things are just junk.
My boys think this is the best fort ever.  I think it looks like a bunch of beavers moved into our yard.
I guess we all have our little treasures.

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