Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Pallet Project #1

At our church's work party my oldest son was put in charge of throwing away some pallets.
My son knew how much I was wanting to try some projects using pallets and saw an opportunity for me to get some trash treasure.
Hubby and I drove in separate cars that night.
He went home first before my treasures were known to him.
Hubby wasn't too thrilled when he was trying to get them out of our van after three men strategically stuffed placed 3 pallets in my van.
At least I could still fit all the kiddos in the van, and we got home safely :)

Today I wanted to make some raised garden beds for my little garden.
The nails were very rusty.
The boards did NOT come off easy.
In fact, I ended up hitting my shin with a hammer twice in the same spot.
What crazy person does that and still insists on completing a project?
ME :)
I had my famous helper getting nails out of the boards.
Guess who?
Yep, my little buddy--always ready to work.
I know I did this all wrong, but I nailed the boards together.  
I probably should have used screws to attach them
It works for me.
We planted some onions and peas in them that a friend gave me.
Today was so lovely.
We have a total of 18 days of school left.

I love this pic of their boots.
The bars remind me of a sort of prison that the kiddos have with school work, yet they want to be outside in the dirt.


  1. What a fantastic idea! We just got our first five pallets today and are pondering what to do with them. This is great inspiration. Megan

    1. There are so many great ideas on Pinterest for what you can build w/ pallets! adirondak chairs, oh my the list is very long! Have fun!~ Don't ya just luv Pinterest! and sharing friends! God Bless!

  2. I love that photo of the boots too! My kids wore 'mud boots,' as we called them, all spring, summer, and fall. They were perfect for kids who like to be outdoors all the time.

    Enjoyed the photo of you good helper there, too! May your raised beds live long and prosper!

  3. LOVE the garden!! What a neat idea. I was wondering when you made that Pinterest grouping of Pallet projects. :) What a great picture of the boots! You all finish school early! We'll probably go til the end of May, but we started much later than you did. You were smart! :) I'll send your paint tomorrow.

  4. Great idea to use the pallets for your garden beds. I was complaining how much lumber has gone up when we built my herb and strawberry bed. I am planting peas next also. Can't wait to see your garden grow:)

  5. thank God for crazy bloggers! We'd never have any projects otherwise!! lol

    Great idea (you did make sure those pallets weren't used for anything chemical though, right??)


  6. Janet @ Ozarks Livin'April 4, 2012 at 9:09 AM

    Looks like your garden is off to a great start. I love the little rock wall.


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