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Monday, August 13, 2012


I bought this cheese box at a local market.
I have been in a little Americana mood lately, so you might be seeing a couple more patriotic posts.
I painted the box with midnight blue acrylic craft paint.
I didn't cover the whole box, because I wanted the wood to come through when I stained it.
After painting, I added some lettering to the box and lid using the chalk method.
I then colored painted in the letters using my white Elmer's paint marker that I bought at Walmart.
I painted the stars free-hand.
Here is what the box looked like before staining it with Minwax's Dark Walnut stain.
This is the finished product.
I stained the inside and outside of the whole box.
Here you can kind of see where the wood came through.
It is hard to see because the blue is so dark.
I love it.
I think I will do one in barnyard red too.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Painting an Americana Box

I had so much fun with this box!
A friend gave me the box and thought I could paint it up.
I love boxes!
I sanded the Bread sign off.
It was mod podged onto the box, and I wanted a smooth surface.
I then painted a coat of Annie Sloans Old White all over the outside of the box and on the outside of the lid.
All I could think of was Americana!
Americana it was!
I painted over the Old White with acrylic paints.
I used Midnight Blue and Barnyard Red.
I allowed the Old White to stay where the stripes are and on the knob.
I copied some sayings off the computer and transferred it using white chalk and a white paint marker like I did  HERE.
I loved distressing this piece.
It seemed like the more I sanded the"older" it got.
I then brushed on Minwax's Dark Walnut stain on the inside and outside of the box.
Just look how that stain antiqued the box!

So worn and old looking....

I love Americana!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Windows, Windows, Windows

A friend of mine dropped off some windows and things.  
She said, "Go create something with these."
Scary for me.
She said that she loves what I create; so just do whatever I think will look good.
Oh the Pressure!
She did give me the colors that she wanted.

Such neat windows!


I started with painting the windows with a mix of Barn Yard Red Folk Art paint and some Wrought Iron.
I also stained them with some Dark Walnut Minwax Stain.
I thought I would add some chicken wire to the smaller window.

This window was going to have the wreath she gave me.  
I had some small rustic stars in my craft supplies.
I brushed a little Annie Sloan's Old White on them and clear waxed them.

Here is the smaller window.

She gave me a small star and a big star.
I painted them with Annie Sloan's Old White and waxed them with Fiddes & Sons clear and Jacobean Dark Wax.
She wanted some berries on the window.
This was the last of my burgundy and white berry supply.

I made a sign out a board from a pallet.
I painted "Family/ Friends" on the sign, because when I think of this lady, I think that Family and Friends are important in her life.

The pallet board had 2 holes right in the middle...perfect for my project.

I put holes in the star and wired it to the sign with the berries underneath.

Here is the finished second window.

I love this window--just the window itself has character.

I tied a little homespun to the big star.

I hope this is what she had in mind.
The smaller window can hang tall or wide.

I like simple.

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Monday, January 23, 2012

For My Biggest 'Fan"

Can a crafter have a fan club?

If so, my aunt has got to be my biggest fan--either that or she feels real sorry for me.

She had bought many dolls, small quilts, and painted things from my craft sales over the years.
I recently visited her, and she took me on a tour of her house.  She kept saying, "You made this, and this, and that, and that"  I really couldn't believe how many crafts she had of mine.  I am sure my uncle just loves when my aunt comes to my craft sale every November.

This past year, she was disappointed that I had not painted any shutters with snowmen on them.
I informed her how I just found out about this Annie Sloan's Paint and had painted a lot of furniture instead.
She wasn't impressed  :)

She asked if I would paint some shutters that she had.
She wasn't picky at all about how I painted them. 
She told me to kind of match the one panel I had painted that hangs in her kitchen.

So I took her lovely white, glossy shutters.

I had painted a coat of Annie Sloan's Paris Grey as a primer.

I then took Midnight Blue Folk Art Paint and covered both sides of the Shutters with it.
I love being able to use AS as a primer-- It works so well.

I then proceeded to paint a snowman scene.
She told me that she wanted to put them in her kitchen window.  I painted them so she could separate the scene if she wanted too, or she could keep them together.

I hand painted a little saying across the top of each shutter--again, if they were separated it really wouldn't matter.

After painting them, I stained them with Minwax's Walnut color stain.
I love how the stain gives the words and picture a distressed look.

It was tough painting a scene on the shutter part.
I am not impressed with my snowmen because I had to deal with the slats.
My Aunt Loves it though, and that is all that mattered :)


Friday, January 13, 2012

A Tip ~n~ A Stitch

The stitching contained in this post is NOT perfect.
Viewing some of these pictures may cause anxiety.
Proceed with Caution :)

I was experimenting with a tip that I got from my good friend Pumpkin Pie Painter.
She told me that I could use Anne Sloan's paint as a primer and then use flat, regular paint over that.
She was RIGHT!!!

I painted this frame with a coat of Paris Grey.

I only have two AS color paints--Paris Grey and Old White.  I did not want this frame to be either one of them.  I just wanted it to be black.

So I got out some Wrought Iron Folk Art Paint, and painted over AS Paris Grey.
I only needed one coat of the Wrought Iron.
After it dried completely, I sanded it and put some Fiddes & Son's Jacobean Wax over  it and buffed it up.

I wanted to stitch a verse on muslin to go in the frame.
This is how I do my stitching on muslin.

I first took the 5x7 paper that comes in the frame out and wrote the verse on the back of it to see if it would fit.
I then used that as a template for writing the verse on the muslin fabric.
I did trace around the glass on the fabric to give me a guideline of where the verse would fit.

I began stitching. 
Each of my letters are not perfectly the same, neither are they perfectly straight.
I wanted to highlight some words, so it is stitched with two different colors.

Of course I am one that loves old looking fabric.
So I tea-dyed my final product to give it some age.

It is hard to see the tea stain in the fabric, but I think it turned out just right.

I ironed it and stuck the muslin to some sticky board I bought at Joanne Fabrics.
The frame is aged along with the stitchery.
The two look fantastic together....just the look I was going for.

I am so glad I can use other colors over Anne Sloans.
That really helps to give me some options on some other craft projects

Thanks Pumpkin Pie Painter!

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