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Friday, October 11, 2013

There's Something in the Air

At this time of year, Christmas decor and Christmas music creep its way into our home.  My craft sale has my mind thinking of the Christmas holiday, and who can make Christmas decorations without Christmas music?!?  This year I really wanted to have some functional primitive stockings to sell.  I used left over drop cloth for fabric.  I made up the pattern for my stocking last year when I made the kiddos their newer stockings.  I think they have had at least 4 different stockings throughout their lives because my decorating taste has changed over the years.  I then made up a mixture of coffee, tea and vanilla to dye my stockings.  I know my kids just love it when the kitchen looks like a laundry room.  (it's that time of year for us :)
Now came the fun part of decorating.  I want them simple and rusty.  I used a bag that I think I bought at a yardsale for cheap.  I cut it up to use the leather.  I didn't like how it didn't zip or close tightly at the top.  I thought by cutting it up I would use it more :)
 I hand sewed it onto the stocking with a little "x" design.
 I stained some tags.  
Using old music sheets, I Mod Podged some music paper to the one side of the tag.  With no set pattern, I brushed the ripped paper onto the tag leaving some edges bare to show the stain.  
 With a rusty star, rusty bell, some dyed cheese cloth and drop cloth, and a tag I made a simple primitive stocking.
 The inside is not lined.
Totally Prim!

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Nice Visual

My former Pastor and his wife are getting ready to step out and be an Evangelist.  They were having a yard sale to literally get rid of almost everything they owned.  One of the items was this rocking chair that I believe was his father's.  The price was right, and I knew I could recover it.
 I really like the size of this rocker.  It is really comfortable to sit on.  
My son and I began to remove the old vinyl that it was covered with.
I stapled some batting to the bottom ledge before covering the rocker with drop cloth. 

Using the hem of the drop cloth I covered the staples.
I glued the hem strip in place with a hot glue gun.
For some reason I had a real hard time capturing the color of the dropcloth on the picture of the rocker.  It looks like the oatmeal color on the close-up shots to the right.
Now I have a nice visual to remember to pray for them on this new journey in their life.