Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Final Kitchen Reveal

I am so excited to finally share with you my kitchen!
As many of you who read my blog know that we wanted to change and update our kitchen within our budget.  This meant not replacing all the cabinets with great quality cabinetry, not getting the best counter tops, not redoing the floors, not even touching the lighting in the ceiling that our kitchen desperately needs, and not buying the latest and greatest appliances. However hubby did spoil me in that area!
This post is going to be a lot of pics.  I hope you will enjoy the before and afters.

Our burgundy kitchen...
I always loved this color, but I was ready for a change.  One thing I noticed was that dirt still showed up on the dark paint too!  I decided that I wanted to age my kitchen with dark wax--I hope to hide a lot of those fingerprints and dirt.
It all started with changing our island from this to...
Next I started painting the walls and wood work.  For the wood work I used Annie Sloan's Coco and light and dark wax.  The walls are painted a sandstone color that we used in other rooms of our home, so I already had the paint.
This wall before:
I made this mantle out of pallets. 
It is my coffee station.

I use some old jars for sugar and cinnamon.

The next corner of the kitchen

Now for the cabinet area.
We have a galley kitchen, so all the cabinets are on one wall.
We only replaced the bottom cabinets, counter top, and sink.  The sink was a huge deal for me to change.  Our old sink was 6.5 in. deep.  Our new one is 8.5 in. deep.  It is amazing what 2 in. will do for space and cleaning!  The old sink was 33 in. wide, and our new one is 25 in. wide.  Oh how I love having more counter space!
We added lighting underneath the cabinets, and boy does that make a difference!
I especially love having 3 drawers and a skinny cabinet now for cookie sheets.  My favorite drawer is that skinny junk drawer :)  That skinny cabinet was custom made for our little 8 in. extra space that needed to be filled.
The other custom thing that had to be done was cutting the top cabinet for the microwave.  As you can see in the photo below, the cabinet needed about 3 in. taken off.  We also cut and finished the cabinet doors on those cabinets to match the other doors.
You can't even tell we cut them.
There was an extra outlet added to the wall under the cabinets.
Oh how I love that too!  We have an older home, and it lacks in outlets and lighting.

It's amazing how much you appreciate those small things when you never had them.Two burners on our old stove never worked.  I had to manually light them.  How nice to have a stove that works!  We went from a 16.5 cubit fridge to a 24 cubit size.  I can't believe our family of 6 lived with such a small fridge before.  I am loving all the space!

Break down:
1 can of ASCP Old white-$36
1 can of ASCP Coco-$36
1 can of Fiddes & Sons lear wax-$14
1 can of Fiddes & Sons Jacobean wax-$14
bottom cabinets-$316
counter top-$108
lighting under the cabinet-$138
Total -$892
Plus appliances and paying our friend-$3,350
Grand total-$4,242

The average cost of a kitchen remodel is $19,588 and I don't know if appliances are added into that average cost.  

So a remodel can be done with a small budget!

I hope you enjoyed our little journey.

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  1. I love what you did, what a transformation! Did you apply the wax over the paint to give it that aged look? I've never used wax before so just curious!

  2. Your kitchen remodel is awesome! Thank you for sharing your journey with us...hugs, Penny

  3. Wow! What a great transformation! It looks like a totally new kitchen! Thanks so much for sharing with us!

  4. Wowsers!
    It turned out awesome.
    I love the new paint colors you chose.
    It looks like a totally different kitchen.
    Great job!

  5. It is perfect in every way! Proof that you can cut corners and still come out with a fabulous kitchen. Love it, and I am especially fond of that coffee station :) Great job!! -Tammy

  6. WOW WOW WOW!! What a transformation! I LOVE it!!! You must be thrilled, it looks magazine beautiful!

  7. So glad to see just how much you have accomplished - it is great. I guess there might be some hope for my kitchen being made over if I can do it that inexpensively. I can tell how much hard work and how many hours were spent with this transformation! I guess I don't miss your chalkboard fridge now :>)

  8. I think your kitchen make over is GORGEOUS!!!!! I love the new look. Well done on a fantastic job! I am green with envy.

  9. Oh so much better! You must be very happy with it!!!

    Have a great week Tammy xox

  10. Wow, you've really added to the function of the kitchen along with giving it a great style makeover. Well done!

  11. WOW & double WOW ! I love it. You did a great job and saved a lot of money. I hope Danny appreciates you ! ( I know he does )

  12. Wow! God Is So Good!!! He has blessed your whole family with wonderful talent, creativeness & LOVE. :)

  13. This is awesome! What an inspiration as to what you can do on a budget! I love the neutral color pallet and your appliances! Your coffee station rocks too! I love the verse... Just what I needed today! Thank you for sharing this. It is ever so lovely!


  14. Everything looks incredible! Just wonderful!

  15. That was tremendous work, but it was so worth it. Your kitchen is completely transformed: the colours give so much more light to the space.

  16. Tammy, you did a fantastic job on the remodel. It looks so much lighter and more airy. I bet you are really loving it. You should be proud you made such a difference without spending so much money..Happy Thursday..Judy

  17. What an absolutely beautiful kitchen! Wonderful job!


  19. Great job - I love the look of your new kitchen! I know you'll enjoy it.

  20. Sooo much brighter and cozy and pretty!!! Love it!! Glad you were able to get the kitchen the way you wanted it. We spend so much time in the kitchen, it's FABULOUS when you can have it the way you love it! :)

  21. Sorry, that was written by Farmer's Wyfe again. He keeps changing the account on me. :S


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