Tuesday, August 13, 2013

My First Upholstered Wing Chair

I made my first slip cover back in June, and I wasn't really happy with the look of a slipcover.  I really wanted the chair to be reupholstered.  I like the fitted look on furniture.  I knew I had two of these chairs, so I wasn't so nervous about ruining the chair.  However I wanted to use as much of the drop cloth and piping from the slipcover I had made, so that I wasn't putting anymore money into a project I was going to be experimenting with.  As much as I wasn't thrilled with the slipcover, I did like it better than my torn and dirty looking wing chair.
So I spent a day tearing apart my slipcover in hopes that this was not all in vain.  I was able to use almost all the pieces from the slipcover.  I had to recover the wing part by itself and make that two separate pieces at the arm.  I am glad I did the slipcover and had those tips from Miss Mustard Seed's Videos.  I was definitely more relaxed from having that experience.  
I am not going to do a step by step tutorial.  I am just going to show you different pics.  On the left you can see how the wing and the arm are two different pieces.  I just folded the fabric under and stretched and stapled it.
When it came to the back of the chair, I did not have the cardboard thingy that they used.  It was not able to be used again, so I came up with my own template.  I explain it in the photo below.
I did reuse the metal clips the factory had used.  I also reused the hardboard template they had in the arm front.  So sorry for my layman terms.  I am not a professional and have no idea what I am talking about with all of these pieces.  
Here is a pic of the slipcover I did back in June vs. the upholstered chair.  I personally would reupholster before I made a slip cover.  Once you tear things apart and see how it is put together, it really isn't hard.  There is a lot less sewing involved!  I love that part!  I am not even sure if I would have had to sew if my wings were like some of the wing chairs I saw on the videos I watched.  Again I am so thankful for making that slipcover so that I had a clue with what to do with the wing part.
I love it!


  1. It looks so good, nice and clean! I have a chair to reupholster and I'm just procrastinating on it something fierce!

  2. Wow!
    I loved the slip cover when you made it, but I'll admit this is even better. Seriously Wow! You did an awesome job.
    One day I'm going to get brave enough to try.

  3. Oh Honey you did a super job! Now, please come over and help me with mine!! LOL! I love the upholstered...it looks so professional... If you didn't know what you were talking about, you did a Super Great Job!
    Best Wishes,
    Loretta XX

  4. Wow, I can't believe what a terrific job you did. Good for you:)

  5. That looks great! I just bought a chair just like that at Goodwill for $15 that I want to reupholster. I figure that was a good price for the chair to practice on. I hope it turns out as well as yours!

  6. Wow, that's quite the project and you did a fantastic job!!

  7. Wow! I can't believe you did that by yourself. Not that I was doubting you, but it's such a difficult job.

  8. Wow, I am so impressed!!! Your did such a fantastic job. I could NEVER tackle that project. I can't even sew a button on my closes. Looks brand new!!


  9. What a great job! I have tried a little reupholstering, but never a slipcover and NEVER an armchair.

  10. Wow is a good word for this. Your work is really beautiful!

  11. Wow double Wow. Great job , Tammy

  12. Your upholstered chair looks FABULOUS! I love it!


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