Monday, September 10, 2012

I Made a Rustic Table

We have been enjoying a 9/11 conference at our church called Awake America.
Tomorrow night is the last night, and I just hate to see it end.  I have been so educated these past two days about our Founding Fathers and the Constitution.  It is been one amazing history/Bible lesson.   The kids have loved it too.  I can't believe how much public school didn't teach me.  Now I know it is because they were pushing their own philosophy on the children.  Can you say G-U-L-I-B-L-E?  That is what I was!
If you are in the Hunt Valley, MD area, I urge you to come out and listen to Dr. Chuck Harding.
Here is the church's Website Hunt Valley Baptist Church where you can find the address and time of the service--which is 7pm.
I hope you'll come!

Okay, Now for a little project that I was determined to build.
About two years ago we gutted our attic.  There was a small rustic door that was there to block the crawl space on the other side of the wall.  I knew I wanted to make a table with the boards.
I used pallet wood to build a frame.
Unfortunately hubby doesn't tear things apart nice and neat, and I could only salvage three boards from the little door.  The one side of the door was painted purple.  I chose NOT to display that side.
I nailed the door pieces to the frame.
I then flipped it over attached some 1x2's for legs.
I used part of our balcony that is falling a part for braces on the table legs.
Don't ask me what is bracing our banister on the deck--DANGER!
Here it is before I painted the legs.
I painted the legs in a sandstone color and stained them with Dark Walnut Stain.
You can hardly tell from the pic that I even painted the legs.  They blend in with the pallets that I used for the frame.  My purpose for this rustic little table is to use it to display some crafts at my sale in November.
It reminds me of a table that you would find in a primitive kitchen circa 1800's.
So what do you think of my rustic ole table?
For now, it will hold my plants in the house.
I just want to enjoy it for a bit :)

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  1. Absolutely fantastic! It is so primitive and the color is perfect!

  2. What do I think?
    I love love love.
    Great job!


  3. Love it, Tammy! This is so Awesome!
    You did a wonderful job!

  4. I am really starting to love your style of decorating and of course I appreciate the talent that God has given you in creating beautiful things for your home! Can't wait for the Craft Sale!!

  5. I pet people will want to buy your display piece, so get ready to give it a price tag. I cracked up when you said the leg braces were made from you falling apart balcony. Please tell me your not going to fall through your balcony. I know how accident prone you are. Wish I was closer, I would come to your sale:)

  6. Tammy, you did a great job on the table! I also think someone may want to buy it. :)

  7. This table is fantastic! Great job.


  8. I love your rustic table. I like all your pallet ideas. We,ve been making lots of things from pallets too. We've made a (huge) window box,a shoe rack, and a decorative wall thingy. Now we collecting enough to build a deck.


  9. This is FANTASTIC, Tammy!!! You are becoming quite the builder!! This looks so primitive and neat! I can't wait til your sale this year, either!! :)

  10. This is awesome - you did such a great job!!

  11. What a fantastic job Tammy - wow talk about inspiration - I want to go make one right now lol

  12. A rustic table is very durable as it is made of wood which is considered to be one of the toughest materials.

    Rustic table


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