Tuesday, September 18, 2012

What I Painted with One Can of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint

I thought I would do a post to show you all how far a can of Annie Sloans Chalk Paint went for me.  I just used up my can of Duck Egg.  Well, I could probably still paint a picture frame or something small with what is left in the can.

I think people apply paint differently.
 I will share with you how I used this can.  Some projects took one coat while others took two.
There are a lot of pictures in this post.
I wanted this color as an accent color in my bedroom.
So I did just that.
Here I painted a pair of gold medallions that were at the foot of my bed.
I used 2 coats.
I painted a small wood bowl that I use on my dresser to hold odds and ends.  The bowl was a hunter green, so I only painted 1 coat over the hunter green and distressed it to let the dark come through.  You can't tell that it use to be hunter green.
This was a gold picture frame.
I only used 1 coat on this because I also wanted that to come through as I distressed it.
My dresser was the first piece of furniture I painted Duck Egg.  It had laminated type wood on the sides.  I noticed that Chalk Paint spreads really well on shiny surfaces.  I had taken the chipped laminate off of the front of the drawers, so the wood soaked the paint up more on them.  I used 2 coats of paint on this, however I was not so picky about it being totally perfect because I don't like perfect--I like distressed pieces.
My next furniture piece was this roadside rescue rocker.
It got 2 coats--again not perfect just filled in the center seat and let the edges go with less paint.
Our night stands only got 1 coat of paint because the base was black, and I wanted the black to come through when I distressed them.
Ms. Vanity was hard to paint.  I suggest you don't sand when using Annie Sloans.  I had to sand some bad stuff off of this piece.  The wood just really soaked up the chalk paint.  It took 2 very thick coats of paint.  It was really hard to smooth it out.  I probably should have added some water.
This window took 2 coats of paint, but the paint went far because of the smooth surface.
My final project was these swivel counter chairs.  They had a coat of shiny white paint on them.  I did use 2 coats of Duck Egg, however I still left some white show through.
There ya go.
I feel like I got my money's worth.
If you are very picky about having every inch of furniture painted perfectly and totally covered, you may use more paint than I did.

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  1. It's amazing isn't it what it can cover - I've just used a tin myself and it went just as far - when you get to the bottom Tammy and you have just a little left - if you add white it makes the most gorgeous color :)
    Your dresser is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love your style of painting; especially the way you aged your dresser and vanity ~ really cool!

  3. AWESOME! Would love for you to link up to My Monday Muse at http://www.carterscottage.net/2012/09/my-monday-muse-v.html

  4. I love everything. It is amazing how far that paint can go, ins't it?


  5. This looks great! I have a similar pair of bedside tables, but the back is still on them - your picture makes me want to repaint them (I did yellow, not a fan), and bust out the back! Love all the pieces!

  6. You are so talented. And you have such good taste. You married Dan & you have made him the perfect proverbs 31 wife!

  7. Just wanted to let you know I featured your post on My Monday Muse today!
    Hope you link up this week for a chance to win a roll of ripple cloth and Ultimate wax brush!


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