Monday, December 24, 2012

Mantel Made from Pallet Wood

Okay I have less than 12 hours before Christmas, and I have yet to clean.
I am continually distracted by little decorating projects and things.
The bottom line is that I really don't want to face reality and clean!

On Saturday I started out with good intentions, only to be side tracked by the thought of that corner cupboard hiding in my basement just yearning to be a part of the furniture family upstairs.
I was determined to find a place for it.

I did, but not without some other rearranging.  
I had to move the cabinet that holds their school books.
I had to then move the Primitive table I made to put the school cabinet in that place.
I had to move the tree to fill in the gap that was left by the school cabinet.
Finally I had to bring up the recliner and put it back in place where the tree use to be.

All for this....
I then thought about using the primitive table as a coffee station.
The legs were too short so why not rebuild it?
Hubby and I tore it a part and fit it to the length of the radiator.
I realized the top is way too rough, so hubby went out and bought an 8x8 pine board.
I stained it and polyed it.
Using pallet board, I turned 
my table turned into a Mantel! 
I love it!
It is not quite decorated the way I want it.
Give me some time after I clean :)

I am already looking forward to my next project which is to repaint the kitchen.
It's so cozy!


  1. You sure are a great builder. Love it:) Posted a comment on FB too!


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