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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holly Felt Ornament

Here is a simple and quick ornament idea.
There was a lull during my sale, and I thought I would make some Holly felt ornaments.
I cut the leaves out first, adjusting the size of the leaves with the size of the black felt circle.
I then cut out some berries and placed everything where I wanted it to go.
First I sewed the leaves on the black circle one by one using the blanket stitch.
Then I sewed the berries on one at a time overlapping them to look natural.
I added another black circle to the back for a finished look
 and blanket stitched around the edge.
To hang the ornament I used some black craft wire.

Here is another felt penny rug idea.
A snowflake
I hope you enjoyed this simple craft idea.
It is simple as long as you are not making 5 at a time :)
Happy crafting!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Primitive Stocking Made Out of Fencing

Before I get started on this post, I would like to say that if you think I have any creativity at all I know it comes from The Lord --the greatest Creator ever.
I know He gives me the ideas that pop into my head.
He deserves the credit, and I give it all to the Lord.

I was asking myself,
"What can you do with some old fencing?"
My son found this fencing outside in our neighbor's trash.
I thought okay, I can make some of those cross country ski porch decorations.
I wasn't too keen on the idea, because I know it was an old idea.
Plus, I really didn't have the stuff to make it look Primitive enough for me.
Then suddenly it popped into my head.
Christmas Stockings!!!
I cut the boards on a 15 degree angle.
 I painted four of them with Annie Sloans' Coco
and one I painted with a mixture of Engine Red and Black Folk Art Paint.
I wanted a saying on them.
I used the Tempus Sans ITC font in Word and printed off the lettering on plain paper.
 I transferred the lettering onto the wood by coloring on the back of the paper with white chalk,
and then on the front I traced over the letters with a pencil.
I used my white paint Sharpie marker to color in the letters.
I marked where I was going to drill the holes,
so that I could attach the top part of the stocking to the bottom part.

Using craft wire I attached the pieces together like this.
I added some tea dyed cheesecloth, a rusty bell, and star for decoration.
We'll see how or if they sell :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Decorating with New Things--A Good Change

I do not care for change, but I love decorating with our new Christmas presents.
Decorating is fun to me now.  I find myself rearranging all the time.
I like a new look around the house.  This is good "change" for me.

Decorating was not a big thing in my home when I was a child.
 Growing up I lived in an apartment that had crazy paneling on two walls, purple paint on one and yellowish, white paint on the other wall of our living room.  It was a rented apartment and my mom will be the first to admit, she really didn't mind it--she likes color.  :)

I on the other hand could not stand it.  
I never said anything to my mom growing up, but I was bound not to have purple walls in my house.

What color did my 13 year old want to paint her room?  That's right, Purple.

I told her that we could accent her room with purple and that we would paint the walls yellow.
Slowly we have turned her room into what she wanted.  She even has purple curtains.  We got her this purple lamp for Christmas.  She made her dry erase picture frame from a yard sale find and painted the pencil can purple herself.  
Her daddy even gave her a purple note pad.

This tea cup rack was a gift to her also.
She decorated it with her tea cups...that cute chubby baby is her at the hospital the day she was born.

This made room in my china cabinet for Dan's Grandmom's china.
She gave it to me when she moved into an apartment at a retirement home back in 1995.

This is one of our visits at the retirement village years ago.
She has since passed away.
Her china was in a china cabinet for years until I had to sell the cabinet to help pay off debt.
Now it has a new home in my china cabinet I found on craigslist this past year.
The top shelf is my everyday teacups, and the bottom two shelves is her china set.

Being able to display and use them again feels like a present to me.

Since I didn't sell my table runners at my craft sale this year, I chose to keep one for myself.  I think I have a total of 1 small quilt out of  20-25 that I have made over the years.  
This will be quilt #2 for me to keep.
I love it on my table.  
Now if I could keep the boys from spilling their new calligraphy ink all over it I will be happy.

My mom gave Bessy this hand painted rack.--painted by my Friend
I love the farm scene. 

I bought myself this star at the Christmas Tree Shop for 74 cents.
I love it.  
I also kept that shelf I made HERE.

Now I am soon ready to take down the Christmas decor and return to normal life.
I think I will wait till next week, after New years....... I think  :)

How about you?  How long do you leave your Christmas decorations out?

Friday, December 16, 2011

Small Gift Idea

Our neighbor invited our family to come to his church to play Christmas songs for their Dec 23rd service.
They have a small church.
He told me there may be about 20 people.
The majority are senior citizens.

We enjoy the opportunity to serve the Lord with our music.
I wanted to be a little blessing to them by giving them a homemade ornament.

I thought that a penny rug snowman head would be perfect.

Here is a little tutorial for those of you who are interested in maybe making one.

Here is what you need:

3 different felt fabrics
Freezer Paper
Cutting board
A Circle Cutter
Needle and Floss(your choice of color)

First, I needed to make a template.  
I set my circle cutter at 1 in., 1.5in, 2in., 2.5 in., and 3in.
I cut holes at all these sizes and labeled them.

I then cut freezer paper to fit on the felt piece I used.
I ironed the shiny side to the felt.
I traced on the inside of my template

You will need:

1 white 2 in. circles
1 black 2.5 in. circles
2 red 3in. circles

to make ONE ornament

I cut out the circles. 
(During this process, the freezer paper might come unattached--just iron it down again before cutting)
After cutting, peel the freezer paper off and throw away.

Next I stitched a snowman face on the white.
I then attached the white to the black circle using the blanket stitch.

I wanted to add a homemade tag to each ornament too.

I am so excited to give them one!


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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Christmas Shadow Boxes

In order to work on some Christmas projects I must:
First, turn on Christmas music:)

Okay, now I am ready!

I found these Shadow boxes at a yard sale for 50 cents each.
I had no clue as to what I was going to do with them.

I took apart each box ripping out the lovely apple stuff. 
 My daughter's American girl dolls are "feasting" on the apples from the tree.
My Bessy girl loves to be creative with her dolls now and snagged all the apples from me before I could throw them away.
Doesn't that sound like someone I know ;)

I painted the backgrounds with Annie Sloan's Paris Grey.
The boxed frames got a coat of Paris grey first and then a coat of Old White.
I waxed with clear wax, distressed and waxed again.  I waited a couple of hours and buffed them.
What a difference that buffing makes!

My Mother-in-law crocheted these beautiful snowflakes and gave them to me to use for crafts and to sell at my Open House in November.
What a great Mother-in-law!
Thank you, Marge!

I tea-dyed them, and I had to re starch them too.  
Sorry, Marge :)
I attached a rustic bell and star to the snowflakes too.

I went to the Graphics Fairy in search of Christmas music.
I found this French Christmas sheet music.

I also tea-dyed the paper, ripped the edges, and browned the edges with brown stamp ink and a sponge.

I made a tag and printed the word "Noel" with a font I liked.
I tea-dyed that too.
After gluing it to the tag I aged the tag with stamp ink and a sponge.
I used burlap for the "ribbon" on the tag.

A little bit of greenery and here it is:

I love the new look of my shadow boxes!



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