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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Painting an Americana Box

I had so much fun with this box!
A friend gave me the box and thought I could paint it up.
I love boxes!
I sanded the Bread sign off.
It was mod podged onto the box, and I wanted a smooth surface.
I then painted a coat of Annie Sloans Old White all over the outside of the box and on the outside of the lid.
All I could think of was Americana!
Americana it was!
I painted over the Old White with acrylic paints.
I used Midnight Blue and Barnyard Red.
I allowed the Old White to stay where the stripes are and on the knob.
I copied some sayings off the computer and transferred it using white chalk and a white paint marker like I did  HERE.
I loved distressing this piece.
It seemed like the more I sanded the"older" it got.
I then brushed on Minwax's Dark Walnut stain on the inside and outside of the box.
Just look how that stain antiqued the box!

So worn and old looking....

I love Americana!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chicken Wire Cloche

My Neighbor gave me these wood hot plates.

As I was looking at a blog party last week, I came across this from Homeroad.

Since I didn't have a neat glass lid to put over these hot plates, I decided to make lids out of chicken wire.  First I painted the wood plates with my Valspar samples--one was a pale yellow the other stone color.

After they were painted and dried, I printed off  2 images from the Graphics Fairy.
Doesn't every crafter just love her blog

I used the charcoal method to transfer the images onto the wood plates.

I then used my Paint Sharpie to paint over the charcoal lines.
After that was dried, I sanded and stained them to look a little distressed.

Now for the "lid"
I guess they are more like a cage.
I made one in the shape of a beehive.
I wanted to try and give you a little tutorial on what I did, and I did the measurements all wrong.
Now I have two different size covers or hives.

I kept the cuttings from the first "hive" to use as a template.

Putting it over my rectangle of chicken wire that I had cut out.
I eyeballed where to cut.

This is what it looked like after both ends were cut.

I then attached the sides together by twisting the ends of chicken wire together.
For the bottom I took a wire and made a circle with it.
I then attached the bottom of the hive to that wire circle.
You can see how I twisted it around the wire in this picture.

I made little handles to go on the top.
 Here they are!

My bird has seen better days.
It usually sits in a wood box on my porch and one day it fell out and lost its tail.
I still like the little fellow.

I like the two different sizes.
It adds a little more character to the pair of them.

I'm not sure if I want to keep these or sell them at my craft sale in the Fall.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Making my Own Storage Box

Okay, Photobucket made some major changes, and I was not liking it today.
 I am finally getting the hang of editing my pictures in a whole new way.
One thing I do like is that they have the font (Mountain Christmas) that I used in my header.
It is funny how computer things seem to change so quickly. Blogger changed on me, FB changed on me, and now Photobucket changed on me.  Little do they know that I am happy to just stay the same forever.

Enough rambling!

Now on with my "exciting" project.
It is exciting to me because I spent zero $$$$.

The dilemma I had was this big storage area I made when I put the top on my dresser.
You can see that post Here.

I had been looking for the right size storage basket and the right price.
I was finding neither.

I am so glad that I save boxes for no reason :)

I was exercising in the basement and noticed this box.
it measured 12.5x12.5x8.
I knew I would have to cut the top, but the width and length were perfect!

I cut the flaps off and some of the top of the edge.

I had a brown T-shirt that was stretchy, and I cut and sewed it to look like a Big plus sign.
I sewed the edges together to form a cube like bag and slipped the finished bag over the box like a slipcover.
I then went back to my 90's crafting where I covered photo albums with material using my hot glue gun.
So with my hot glue gun, I pulled and attached the "t-shirt" bag to the box.

  I covered the flaps that I had cut off earlier with some linen material--using hot glue.  
I then hot glued them to the inside of the box for a liner.

It is perfect!
I tied a linen bow around the box, and I use that as my handle.

I couldn't have found a better fit for my dresser in the stores--Trust me I searched and searched.

This was one little project that made a huge difference.

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Thursday, April 19, 2012

I Made a Sign

We are so close to the end of our school year.  Eight more days to go.
Research papers are soon due.  My house looks like a library threw up--books everywhere!

I am itching to get to the many many projects I have lying around our house and our garage.
One small project was to make a sign for our bedroom.
I wanted a verse that would encourage me.
I came across this one:
"Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for him:...." Ps.37:7
I knew that this would be too long for the board I chose, but the first four words were perfect for me.
I have a huge problem with worry, so I thought this would be a good verse to see when I go to bed after making so many decisions during the day.  It would also be good to remind myself every morning when I start my day.

I used one of the boards from a pallet.
I painted it with my sample paint I had for my walls in our bedroom--a stone color.
I copied the verse in a font I liked--sorry, I can't remember which font.
The words were too big, but that was a good mistake.
I thought I could make the words "in the" smaller and with a different font.
To transfer the lettering I colored on the back of the letters with a charcoal pencil.
I positioned it on the board where I wanted it and then tacked it with some painter's blue tape.
I then traced around the letters like this.
See, I told you I was a visual person.
 This is what it looks like underneath the paper after you trace over the letters.
It transfers the charcoal onto the board.
Using my Sharpie Paint Marker I traced and colored painted in the letters.
I let it dry but not long enough and sanded over the lettering to make it look worn.
I wanted to mention that when I painted the stone color on, I did NOT go all the way to the edges.  I wanted to get that sanded -worn look without actually having to sand like crazy.
I stained it with dark walnut stain to age it.
It is perfect!
I want you all to know that I used a level when hanging my sign.
I hammered in the nails, hung up the sign, and it look crooked.
Apparently the guy who built the closet didn't level off things.
I had to mess with the nails so the sign didn't crooked with the ceiling nor the closet.

I also sewed some new Linen curtains.
I am loving the change in our bedroom.

Any new projects for you?

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