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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Keep Seeking & Trusting

Life here has really been on an up and down since December started.
I truly don't know what I would do if I didn't have the Lord to lean on and give him my burdens.  I think through every trial and test that I faced this past month, I have learned to give it to the Lord.

I read the book of Job recently because I knew he was a righteous man in God's eyes, and the trials and tests that he went through were absolutely the ultimate tests. 

My trials are no where close to Job's, but sometimes I magnify them to be that bad in my own eyes. 
I knew that God allowed Satan to wreak havoc in Job's life, so I wanted to read and see Job's reaction--his questions to the Lord--did he question the Lord?  I was so comforted in the way Job responded to what was happening in his life.  He knew that he was nothing, and that the Lord was all powerful.  So he trusted in the Lord.  He wanted to die, but he still kept talking to the Lord and seeking the Lord through his trail--even though God was not revealing why Job was going through such misery.  
In the end God Blessed Job more than ever.

I learned and am learning in my trials to just keep talking and seeking my Lord.  I don't understand why.  I am also not promised a happy and easy going life.  I don't deserve good health and goodness in my life--God is blessing me with those things, but I don't deserve them.  I have learned that God is really in control of what happens in my life, I just need to trust and seek Him.....BUT...... You don't get that opportunity to trust and seek the Lord unless you do have trials.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Decorating with New Things--A Good Change

I do not care for change, but I love decorating with our new Christmas presents.
Decorating is fun to me now.  I find myself rearranging all the time.
I like a new look around the house.  This is good "change" for me.

Decorating was not a big thing in my home when I was a child.
 Growing up I lived in an apartment that had crazy paneling on two walls, purple paint on one and yellowish, white paint on the other wall of our living room.  It was a rented apartment and my mom will be the first to admit, she really didn't mind it--she likes color.  :)

I on the other hand could not stand it.  
I never said anything to my mom growing up, but I was bound not to have purple walls in my house.

What color did my 13 year old want to paint her room?  That's right, Purple.

I told her that we could accent her room with purple and that we would paint the walls yellow.
Slowly we have turned her room into what she wanted.  She even has purple curtains.  We got her this purple lamp for Christmas.  She made her dry erase picture frame from a yard sale find and painted the pencil can purple herself.  
Her daddy even gave her a purple note pad.

This tea cup rack was a gift to her also.
She decorated it with her tea cups...that cute chubby baby is her at the hospital the day she was born.

This made room in my china cabinet for Dan's Grandmom's china.
She gave it to me when she moved into an apartment at a retirement home back in 1995.

This is one of our visits at the retirement village years ago.
She has since passed away.
Her china was in a china cabinet for years until I had to sell the cabinet to help pay off debt.
Now it has a new home in my china cabinet I found on craigslist this past year.
The top shelf is my everyday teacups, and the bottom two shelves is her china set.

Being able to display and use them again feels like a present to me.

Since I didn't sell my table runners at my craft sale this year, I chose to keep one for myself.  I think I have a total of 1 small quilt out of  20-25 that I have made over the years.  
This will be quilt #2 for me to keep.
I love it on my table.  
Now if I could keep the boys from spilling their new calligraphy ink all over it I will be happy.

My mom gave Bessy this hand painted rack.--painted by my Friend
I love the farm scene. 

I bought myself this star at the Christmas Tree Shop for 74 cents.
I love it.  
I also kept that shelf I made HERE.

Now I am soon ready to take down the Christmas decor and return to normal life.
I think I will wait till next week, after New years....... I think  :)

How about you?  How long do you leave your Christmas decorations out?

Friday, November 11, 2011

Hope and Joy

This past week my hubby and kiddos went to an Empowered Youth Conference in Indiana.
My hubby was going along to help drive and to visit Chicago:)

I was staying back home with the other two youngins.
I was going to work on things for my craft sale.

As I worked on this quilt before they left, I was really dreading being here without my hubby.
This may sound silly to some, but I get these thoughts in my head--worrisome thoughts.
I sat on the sofa quilting at night glancing in his direction praying that the Lord would bring him and the older two home safely.

I had the opportunity to go along with them, but chose to stay home.
I finished my quilt on Saturday and started ironing and packing their things.

Monday they left at 3am.
I couldn't fall back to sleep until around 5am.
I lay there praying, because worrying does no good.

When the sun rose, I got busy on the projects I had planned to do for the week.
The two younger kiddos built me a big framed chicken wire screen so I can display crafts on it for my sale.

I kept busy during the day, but the nights were awful.
I was tired and had such bad thoughts of them not coming home.
I gave my hubby and children to the Lord, because they are His to begin with, and I thanked the Lord for all the good times we shared. 
Silly huh?
But it gave me a peace knowing that the Lord truly is in control, and that He would be here with me if something did happen.

My mom came down for a visit and spent the night.
I finished my new sign for my sale

I worked on a penny rug in the evening while we watched "It's a Wonderful Life" with Grandma.
I slept a little better that night having my mom there.
Moms always make it better:)

Harrison kept busy.  
He made sheet music wreaths and ornaments.

I was feeling so much better as Friday drew closer.

I talked to my hubby last night and said goodnight.
He was getting ready to go to bed to get some good rest for the 11 or so hour drive.
Then I got a phone call from him 15 minutes later saying they were leaving for home at midnight.

Just when I thought I gave all my worries to the Lord, they came flying back at me!

I prayed and went right to sleep--at midnight:)
I woke up and was wide awake at 4am--worried again.
........prayed again.....fell back to sleep at around 5:30 am

My hubby and children arrived home at about 1:15pm.
I was so happy to hold them and hug them!

I am so thankful that I do not have to live this life alone, and that I have my best friend, my Lord.
Oh the ulcers I would have without the Hope that I have in the Lord.
I know that if my hubby and kiddos did not come home, I know that I would one day see them in heaven thanks to Jesus Christ who died and rose for the payment of our sins.
My Hubby and kiddos trusted in that Hope, and we all have Joy in our hearts because it of it.

For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Romans 10:13

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Babies and a Laundry Bag

My little girl has always been very fond of her American Girl Dolls.
She was 4yrs. old when I bought her her first Bitty Baby--thinking this was the only one she would have, and she'll cherish "forever".  Well, Grandma and Uncle John saw how much she loved this baby, and they wanted to buy her more--especially her Uncle John.  I told him that she really has no idea the difference between babies at Walmart and the American Girl Doll.  In fact she would ask for babies for Christmas from Walmart when we would be shopping.
She began to get quite the collection and loved  loves every single one she has.

Even though her love for babies began to turn to real babies.
She still enjoys playing with her dolls at age 13.

I started to develop a concern though for her since these dolls weren't cheap.  
I thought maybe she was getting selfish and just wanting more.
I thought this with other things too, but I then would see her make something for someone and think of others.
This was a comfort to me.

She has a hard time letting things go--so do I :)

Yesterday, she came up to me with one of her Bitty Babies that looks brand new.
She says to me " Mom, I want to give this to a certain little girl who loved playing with it while she would visit.  I also want to give her these two outfits too. Mom, I would rather give it to her than to try and sell it when I grow up, because I know she will love her."

This little girl is a Pastor's daughter that is moving next week.

I can't tell you what joy filled my heart at her thoughtfulness.  I know this was a real hard decision for her to make.  It came right from her heart.  I love seeing the fruit of the spirit in my children.   
She is real excited to give it to this little girl.

"I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth"


Now, for a little project I just did today.
I had this Laundry Bag hanging in my house for years, and I wanted to frame it.
I found this frame at the Christmas Tree Shop for $3 because it didn't have glass in it.

I love it framed!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Gardening... a Family Affair

It was such a cozy morning.  
The Kids and I were taking a break from school.
It started out with Harrison hoeing our little veggie garden--pulling up the weeds.

Look, we have more than one pepper and cucumber now!

The kiddos really enjoy taking care of the garden.

I went out to view the damage on my flower gardens from the hurricane winds.  My hubby had already cleaned up the big branches that fell and mowed the lawn.
I started pulling weeds in the lower garden.
Bessy started clipping flowers off of my Black-eyed Susans that were practically lying on the ground.

Harrison started raking. 
Miles started weeding the other gardens, and Bessy joined him.

Wilson started watering.

Miles informed me that they needed to buy me a pair of boots.
I seem to really enjoy "me ole flip-flops...Thank you!"

I went out to the front garden to weed and couldn't believe how much my new Butterfly bush has grown.  I almost lost both Butterfly bushes from the Hurricane winds.  They were almost lying down on the ground with the roots out.  I fixed them and hopefully they will be fine.
Here it is in May when I planted it:

Here it is today:

I am not the only one enjoying it.
Here is Mr. Bee lovin' the bloom.

My other flowers must have really enjoyed the rain that "Irene" brought us.

There are signs of Fall popping up in my gardens.
The Sedum is starting to color.
My Woods purple are bloomin'

My Fall Clematis is starting to bloom.

Yesterday. the kiddos and I partook of our first harvest--our ONE pepper :)
We joked around about how starved we would be if we were waiting to eat only out of our veggie garden.

Okay, I have always wanted to have a porch full of potted plants.  I have never been able to keep them alive in pots.  I moved this plant to the back porch because I thought it was dead--it really was brown.  My kiddos were playing Crochet one day and the ball flew (Thanks Gramcracker for teaching them how to "send"  :) ) and broke the pot; however, my plant has thrived without a secure pot!

Go Figure!

God Still uses Broken Vessels!

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gardens Are Growing!!!

My Mother's Day Garden was planted 
May 2011.

The big Butterfly Bush is part of the old garden that we added to.
Everything to the right of it is newly planted.

I planted 
Woods Purple,
 another Butterfly Bush,
a Pink Coneflower to match the other side,
2 Lavender plants
I also split the grass up to match the other end of the garden

Here is the garden now in July:

Yay!  I love it!

Here is a pic of my lilies that are growing along side of the house.

We also thought we would try growing some veggies.
When I was asked by my neighbor what I was growing, I told him I was growing milk since the need is so great with 4 kiddos ;)

My son and I tried to build a little twig fence and ran out of twigs.
However we just had our Crimson Maple trimmed, and we gained more branches to finish our little decorative fence.

Here is the veggie garden and fence today:

We have veggies starting to grow,
We have Green Peppers
a Pumpkin
a Watermelon :)
The garden is probably too shady.
Do you think it is stunting the growth of our veggies?
We did plant near the end of May.

I love going outside and seeing the flowers in bloom!

Thanks for visiting my gardens.

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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Our First Broken Arm

On the eve of our 16th Wedding Anniversary, our third child broke his arm.  It is our first broken bone in 16 years--not bad. 
 It's not like our children are not active.  In fact, the one that broke his arm had a pretty good wipe out on his bike when he was 5 or 6.  When that happened, I thought for sure he broke a leg or something--he had just some cuts and bruises. 
This time the accident was nothing so terrifying as seeing him speeding down an asphalt road and skidding out in stones.  
No, he was just standing on a basketball and the ball rolled out from under him.  When he went down, he landed on his arm.

Our Pastor signed his cast:

 I thought it was pretty funny.

Our son has been doing very well.  He is not babying himself at all.  
He has enjoyed the challenge of using his left hand and becoming Independent again--coming down the steps and letting me know he has dressed himself completely, buttons and all.  He still can't tie his shoes yet.
He was practicing, two days after he broke his arm, writing with his left hand.  My honey and I went away overnight for our anniversary, and my son gave me this note the next day.

This was the "seal" on the letter.
Notice the Heart has a cast on his right arm.

Yesterday, he was a little sad that he couldn't just go out and ride his bike.  I told him that sometimes God gives us trials to grow.  We need to focus on what we can do and do it with all our might for the Lord.  I told him not to focus on what you can't do, but focus on what God has allowed you to be able to do.
Last night he wanted to paint his bird house.  

I was glad he was starting to focus again on what he could do.  
I love seeing that he was listening.  
I realize this is more than just a broken arm for him.  I think he is going to grow in trusting God more and depending on the Lord through this. 
 I pray he does.

Whatsoever thy hand findeth to do, do it with thy might; for there is no work, nor device, nor knowledge, nor wisdom, in the grave, wither thou goest.  Eccl. 9:10

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