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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Gardens Are Growing!!!

My Mother's Day Garden was planted 
May 2011.

The big Butterfly Bush is part of the old garden that we added to.
Everything to the right of it is newly planted.

I planted 
Woods Purple,
 another Butterfly Bush,
a Pink Coneflower to match the other side,
2 Lavender plants
I also split the grass up to match the other end of the garden

Here is the garden now in July:

Yay!  I love it!

Here is a pic of my lilies that are growing along side of the house.

We also thought we would try growing some veggies.
When I was asked by my neighbor what I was growing, I told him I was growing milk since the need is so great with 4 kiddos ;)

My son and I tried to build a little twig fence and ran out of twigs.
However we just had our Crimson Maple trimmed, and we gained more branches to finish our little decorative fence.

Here is the veggie garden and fence today:

We have veggies starting to grow,
We have Green Peppers
a Pumpkin
a Watermelon :)
The garden is probably too shady.
Do you think it is stunting the growth of our veggies?
We did plant near the end of May.

I love going outside and seeing the flowers in bloom!

Thanks for visiting my gardens.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My Mother's Day Garden

My Mother's Day started on Friday.  I woke up to a gorgeous day here in Pa and headed to my friend's plant sale. 
 I forgot to take my camera--bummer.
I only bought 5 plants.
  I'm not the greatest on keeping plants alive, so I always proceed with caution:)

I wanted to expand my garden that is at the front of my house.  

A tree stood here when we moved in 10 years ago, but it was rotten and had to come down.
I knew I wanted to expand here and put my new plants in this garden.
The boys and I started digging and shaping my "new" garden.
They were such a huge help.  Tearing up grass is not the easiest thing to do.  
My back kept yelling at me to stop, but I didn't listen.

The boys decided to replant the grass that I dug up.  They put it under the pine tree.  
(which is probably coming down soon)

As I was shaping the new garden, I knew I wasn't shaping it right.  
When Dan got home from work, he went right to helping me and telling me what to do.  
He told me to expand it more so I did.

By the way don't do this kind of work in flip flops--IT HURTS LATER!
I was so happy with the results.  I know I will be adding to it later.

I love my garden.  
I am very thankful for the plants and hard work from all the kiddos and Dan, but the best gift came to me on Sunday when my Bessy-girl handed me her Mother's Day Card she made.

She typed up her own words and pasted it in her card.
She grubbied it up just like I like it.

I thank the Lord for giving me the opportunity to be a mommy to these wonderful children!

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