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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Making my Own Storage Box

Okay, Photobucket made some major changes, and I was not liking it today.
 I am finally getting the hang of editing my pictures in a whole new way.
One thing I do like is that they have the font (Mountain Christmas) that I used in my header.
It is funny how computer things seem to change so quickly. Blogger changed on me, FB changed on me, and now Photobucket changed on me.  Little do they know that I am happy to just stay the same forever.

Enough rambling!

Now on with my "exciting" project.
It is exciting to me because I spent zero $$$$.

The dilemma I had was this big storage area I made when I put the top on my dresser.
You can see that post Here.

I had been looking for the right size storage basket and the right price.
I was finding neither.

I am so glad that I save boxes for no reason :)

I was exercising in the basement and noticed this box.
it measured 12.5x12.5x8.
I knew I would have to cut the top, but the width and length were perfect!

I cut the flaps off and some of the top of the edge.

I had a brown T-shirt that was stretchy, and I cut and sewed it to look like a Big plus sign.
I sewed the edges together to form a cube like bag and slipped the finished bag over the box like a slipcover.
I then went back to my 90's crafting where I covered photo albums with material using my hot glue gun.
So with my hot glue gun, I pulled and attached the "t-shirt" bag to the box.

  I covered the flaps that I had cut off earlier with some linen material--using hot glue.  
I then hot glued them to the inside of the box for a liner.

It is perfect!
I tied a linen bow around the box, and I use that as my handle.

I couldn't have found a better fit for my dresser in the stores--Trust me I searched and searched.

This was one little project that made a huge difference.

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Recycling a Table & Removing Veneer

I searched and searched for a cheap coffee table that I could use as a top for a dresser that I wanted redo.
I couldn't believe how expensive the second hand shops can be now.

So I did what I do best. 
I went searching in my own home for that perfect top.

I had this drop leaf table that I had once put together.
I really did not do a good job,because it was starting to fall a part again.
So I helped it along did the next best thing and decided to recycle it and use all the pieces for something different.

This is the dresser that will get the new top.
I found it out in the trash.
My son had a fun time taking off the warped pieces that existed..

Here are the two pieces that will make up the new top.

They are a perfect fit.

I plan on painting this dresser in Annie Sloans' Duck Egg.
It had a lot of veneer that was chipping off of the drawers.

It had to come off.

I saw on someone's blog how you can remove veneer easily.

Easy it wasn't at first.

Heat was the key.
You take a wet towel and steam iron to loosen the glue.

Using a scrapper, scrape where you heated the veneer.
I thought I was finished, but then there was another layer of the veneer--this last layer came off easily.

It took it down to some rough oak.

I sanded the drawers and wood filled what need to be filled.

Tomorrow I paint.

I know the whole point with ASCP is to paint over the veneer, but I didn't think it would look good.
We'll see :)

This is the "new" table in the corner.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Recycling an Old Coat for a Penny Rug

I am finding out how much I enjoy doing Penny rugs.
I have been using felt from the craft store for my projects, but I had this wool coat that had seen better days, and I decided to recycle it.
One mistake I made was not washing the coat before cutting it up--although I know it had been washed before.  I read on a blog how if you wash the wool it will felt it and be less stringy when you cut out your designs.

I was so excited to be able to get a good pile of wool.
I really like this color too.

I wanted to make a smaller runner for my kitchen table.
The other one that I was going to use only stayed on the table for a couple of days.  It was too long for my table.  
We use the table for homeschooling--so it is constantly piled up with books and being used.

I used a cookie sheet for a template--gotta love making up patterns as you go:)

I made my little pennies and pinned them on the wool.
I then sewed them on with the blanket stitch.

For the ends, I measured and made a pattern on an index card.

Notice the school stuff in the background?
(Doing this while the kiddos take their tests makes me feel like I am not just wasting time.)

Using freezer paper I traced the pattern on the dull side of the freezer paper and ironed the shiny side to the brown felt.

Placing the end pieces with right sides together, I pinned them to the rug.
I then cut a piece of muslin the same size as the rug.

I sewed around the edge leaving a gap so that I could turn it out.
I clipped the corners before turning the rug out.

I then did a blanket stitch all around the rug and around each end piece.

Here is the final piece.
I don't think I like all the browns in my kitchen.
Looks like I need to make another one for my Kitchen table

not bad for an old coat :)

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Good-Bye January

I know Valentine's Day is coming up fast, but I wanted to share a little Snowman felt ornament before I say good-bye to January.

We were invited over to a couple's house for dinner.  As I walked into their home, I was surrounded by Blue, Silver, Snow Flakes, and Snowmen--Lots of snowmen.
We had a great time talking with each other.  As I sat and listened, I couldn't stop my mind from thinking that I have to make a little ornament for her as a "thank you"

I needed a pattern for a star.
I had this star hanging in my living room, and I thought it was the perfect size to make my pattern.

At Christmas I had a lady give me some yarn and in the bag was this blue felt.
It was the perfect color to match our hostess's home.

I traced the pattern on a double layer of felt and cut it out.

I separated the blue stars that I just cut--one will be the backing.

I cut a 2in circle of white felt out for my snowman head.
Using floss I sewed a face onto the white circle.
I blanket stitched my Little Man to the center of the star.
I then proceeded to sew little snowflakes in the corners of the star.

I placed the second blue star on the back and finished it off with the blanket stitch going around the star.

My Hostess loved my Little Man!

Okay, bye to snowmen and January!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Felt Rooster For A Friend

I was in search of a birthday present idea for a friend of mine.
I knew I wanted to do a felt stitchery for her, but I wasn't sure what to do.
I was looking on Google Images at Penny Rug ideas, and I came across this picture.

Little House Needle Works
No it was not the Penny Rug, although I really like the Penny Rug.
It was Mr. Rooster that got my attention.

I thought maybe my friend would like a Rooster picture--I knew that she just got a cute chicken for Christmas from her hubby.

So I drew a Rooster on a piece of card stock.

I then cut it out in three pieces.
I am not sure what the thingy is called on the top of the rooster or what that beard like thingy is called, but I knew they would be a different color.

I then traced it on to felt.

Here is what the rooster looked like before I sewed it onto the brown felt background.

I pinned it to the brown felt and I started to sew it on with the blanket stitch.
I used 2 strands of brown floss.

After Mr. Rooster was attached, I wanted to make some little penny rug flowers.

I used 3 strands of green floss for the stems and leaves.

You can see how I traced the picture frame to give me an idea of how much space I had to work with.

I wanted to frame it in this cute little frame I picked up at a yard sale for 10 cents.

I painted it with a coat of AS Old White.
I used clear wax and then aged it with the Jacobean wax.
After buffing it, I was ready to frame Mr. Rooster.

I attached the Stitchery to a sticky board I bought at Joanne Fabrics.
I applied Rubber Cement to some brown paper and the back of the picture board and frame.

Right away I flipped it over on top of the frame before the rubber cement dried.

I finished it with a hanging bracket.

I love the aged white frame.

I also love the blanket stitch.

Happy Birthday, Pumpkin Pie Painter!
I hope you like Mr. Rooster!

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