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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

When God Calls

I've been wanting to tell everyone about the big change that has happened around here at Homespun Happenings.  Hubby has been trained for years to go into the ministry.  His heart was to be in ministry full time, but the Lord did not call him to go and be a Pastor.  He felt the Lord leading him to be a second man.  The opportunity has come for him to be an Assistant Pastor at our church.
This change has meant readjusting his heart to serve the Lord and minister to people on a full time basis vs. clocking in at a 9-5 job.  He loves it!  I think one of the hardest changes for me is the way people look at my family now.  As much as I just want us to be in the background serving the Lord, people don't see us that way.  We are not superhuman.  We are not trying to be better than anyone else.  We are just trying to please the Lord in all we say and do, and boy do we fail miserably sometimes.  You will find fault with us because we are only sinners saved by grace who have been given an incredible opportunity to serve at a level that has a greater responsibility. 
Commitment is huge.  Stepping up to the plate to anything means accountability.  Oh and don't we live in an age where no one wants accountability.  I have truly felt scared and yet I have a perfect peace about where the Lord has us in our lives right now.  I only fear when I get my eyes on man, but when I get alone with my Lord; He gives me perfect peace.

Here is a little reading I found on Facebook that expresses my heart perfectly.

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