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Saturday, April 23, 2011

My Egg Basket

On one of the blog hops this week, a lady was covering plastic eggs with twine and mod podging some. 
To see her tutorial go here:

I loved the way hers turned out, and what a neat idea. 
 Vibrant colors are not me. 
 I love plain neutral tones.  That is probably my personality too...plain and neutral.  
My hubby, who doesn't seem to mind my plainness, bought me this egg basket for a present one year.

I filled it, well not quite, with wooden eggs that I bought at a yard sale.  It never got "filled" because buying enough wooden eggs to fill my little wire basket could get pricey.  

So it sat looking like this for years--Until now.

The kiddos and I got to work and tried our attempt on the French d├ęcoupage eggs.  

 I used elmer's glue instead of Mod Podge, because that is what I had around my house. Plus, I knew it would work just as well for me. 
 I had twine in my craft basket. 
When I went grocery shopping, I picked up a dozen plastic eggs for $1.

I also had a cool book on Composers that I got free from the library's used books.
This is how they turned out.
I just love them

I also painted two of my wooden eggs the butter pecan color I love so much:)  
I speckled them with brown paint.

I printed off the sign with a font I liked.
 I got my stamp ink out to make it look grubby.

Attached it with wire.
Here it is:

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Corner Cupboard Catastrophe??

Last Summer I found this pine corner cupboard at a yard sale for $20.  

It was red and I painted it black.  
I really wanted a corner cupboard that I could put my tea cups and some dishes in.  This one was too small for that, plus it did not have glass doors on it.  I loved it anyway.  It looked really cute with my things on it.  It held some of my craft supplies in it too.

I held my annual craft sale last November.  I used my corner cupboard to hold crafts.  I put $150 on it thinking no one would pay that much for such a small cabinet.

On the last day of my sale, in the last hour, a group of fun ladies came in, and two fell in love with my cupboard.  I tried to tell them that I am sure they could find a better one for cheaper than what I put on it. 
 I kind of wanted to keep it.  It was holding some of my things you see.  I also knew I would have a hole where this cupboard once sat.  They wanted it anyway.  So, I made $130 on my $20 find.

Last week, I was looking on craigslist and found a BIG black corner cupboard.  It had windows and it was huge.  I asked my hubby if we could go and look at it as it seemed exactly what I was looking for.  The cupboard didn't look that big in the owners home, but when we sat it in our home in the same corner as the old cupboard, it really was too big.

 We switched corners.

 Our big black cabinet that stores my homeschooling things looked too big in that corner too.  

That one corner was the only corner that they both looked good in. 
 The third corner in our office area was being occupied by our computer desk.

I began to worry that I had made a huge mistake buying this cupboard.  Then I came up with the idea of putting our computer in our old cabinet; leaving the other corner for my "new" corner cupboard.

That was the solution! 
 The room seems so cozy.

I love my "new" corner cupboard! 

Monday, March 21, 2011

A "New" Used Desk

I found this desk on Craigslist, and bought it for $10.

Wow, it really took me back to my elementary school days.
I could hear the teacher telling us at the end of the day, "Line your desks up with the pine wood floor boards, and don't forget to put your chairs up on your desk before you leave."

My son Harrison wanted to keep it.  He wanted me to do the same painting I did on a desk I sold at my Open House Craft Sale that I hold every November.

He reminds me of myself in many ways.  
He loves to draw and doodle. He loves to create.  He loves to paint too.
 Yes, he is a crafty one.  I mean that in a good way.
So he helped me sand the desk.

We sanded it enough so the paint would grab.
We had to go over the inside by hand.

I then began to paint the bottom part black.

For the top I used a pecan color.
He picked these anchors for me to stencil.  He also chose the location for each anchor.

I am not a very colorful person.  I seem to love these colors:)

I lightly sanded the edges to give it that primitive look I love.  I then stained it with a walnut colored stain; left it dry and put two coats of polyurethane on it.

End result:

A happy boy:)

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