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Monday, October 31, 2011

A Pretty Gal

Here is another great piece of furniture that was given to me.
The only problem was that she was missing a pull on the door.

Isn't she lovely next to the Woods Purple!

 I decided to make my own pull for her out of one of Bessy's pink beads and wire.

This is what it looked like before I applied three coats of Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.

This is after I painted, waxed, and buffed it.

I painted the cabinet with ASCP.
I used Paris Grey for the whole cabinet and highlighted her with Old White.
I applied clear wax, distressed her with my sand block, and then antiqued her with the dark wax.

Here she is!

I truly love the look of the wood coming through the paint.

Here is  another look at her before and after.

Thanks Lori!

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Work is a Blessing

I feel absolutely blessed.  
Ever since I have made it known to people that I refinish furniture and junk; I have been blessed with many projects.
Yes, I am saying that work is a blessing.
I hold a craft sale in my house every year around Thanksgiving.  
So most of my things that I have done are for the purpose of resale.
Thanks to all who have been a blessing in this area to me.

My mom gave me this shelf.  It looks like it was part of a mantle.
my first thought was to build a mantle--my boys want a fireplace mantle in my house, but our house is way too small for such a thing.  

I decided to build it into a shelf.

This is part of Bessy girl's old bed.  I was saving it since May for a reason, and now I found the reason:)
That middle piece will make a great backboard for my shelf.

"Okay, come on boys, let's demo it into pieces--Carefully, I want to use as much as I can:)"

Oh look at the treasures!

Miles helped mark the line for me to cut the shelf.

He also helped nail it with the nail gun, but that attempt went wrong; as the nails were way too long, and we nailed it to the work bench.
So I tore it apart and got the old hammer, brads, and wood glue out to attach the back.

I stained the top with Minwax's Early American stain.

I painted the rest with Annie Sloans Paris Grey first for a good base coat and then Old white.
The backboard was shiny, so I needed to use the ASCP.

Then I went to the Graphics Fairy to get an image for my shelf.
I picked out a Gothic Door and mirrored the image in Word.
I just wanted to use part of the scroll and flowers, so I enlarge the area in Word.
I colored on the back of the paper with a charcoal pencil and place it on the shelf where I wanted it.

Here is a pic of that step.
I then started to trace over my image on the paper with a pen.
I had printed the image in a lighter setting, so that it made it easier to see where I needed to trace.

On the left is the traced paper.
On the right is the charcoal transferred image.

I then took the best investment of my life my sharpie paint marker and filled it in on the wood.
That marker makes this process so easy!

I repeated this process with the verse I wanted to put on my shelf.

After it was dried I waxed my shelf with Fiddes & Sons clear wax first, and then I distressed it with the darker Jacobean wax.
I LOVE it!!!!

You can't even tell it was part of her bed:)

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Black Beauty???

A friend surprised me and gave me some pieces of furniture that she thought I would like to redo.
This end table was her daughter's.  She took the time to paint it black for her daughter, but the only problem was after she had spent all that time on this piece she noticed the paint just scraped  right off.

This has happened at least once to all of us who try to paint furniture.
See here; it scrapes right off.

That is what makes this piece a perfect project for Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.
It adheres to any shiny surface.  
I have painted on metal, and it is not scratching off of it.
The chalk paint is also great because you do not have to prime before you paint.

So I painted Black Beauty first in Paris Grey.
I did not take a pick before I started to wax, but on this photo you can see what it looked like with just the clear wax on it on the side of the drawer.

I then painted Old White on the details of the legs and drawer.
I put a coat of clear wax on first by applying it with a brush.
I took some sand paper and distressed the edges a little.
Then I added Fiddes & Sons' Jacobean dark wax to the edges and details first; then blended it in with some clear wax.

I let it set for a couple of hours.  
When I could take my rag and rub the end table without my rag sticking, I buffed the whole piece.

The hardware needed to be painted. I painted it with Old White.

I put three coats of paint on it and let it set overnight.
The next morning I applied clear wax and then the dark wax.
I let it set for 2 hours before I buffed it.
Here is a pic of them with the wax on it but NOT buffed.

Here is the lovely hardware NOW!

Here are some final pics:

The before:

The after:

What a lovely piece!
Thanks Lori!

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