Wednesday, November 29, 2017

A 'New' Bathroom Corner Cabinet

I bought this beautiful oak cabinet for $20 thinking that I would  make it look a little shaker style to put in my living room.  Instead I made This Cabinet to go there.  My son told me this oak cabinet is too small for the Living Room corner, and he is actually the one that persuaded me to build the other corner cabinet.  He said that they really needed a cabinet in their bathroom and this was the perfect size.  
Although I love the dark wood, with the screws showing, it needed to be painted.  My son proceeded to take off all the beads and wood carving, which probably made it worth something.....Oh well. 
Here is their bathroom during our inspection.
We tore out that big cabinet.  It was good storage, but it just looked like a huge elephant in the room.  I painted the vanity Annie Sloans Graphite with dark wax.  
This is what I painted the corner cabinet. 
The inside is painted French Linen with clear wax.
I used the same hinges, but I bought a new knob for the door.
When I waxed the inside of the door, I didn't realize my brush still had dark wax on it until it was too late.  So the inside door has a hint of dark wax on it.
I love the way it turned out.
It's just perfect in the corner with my little child's chair.