Sunday, April 7, 2013

Using Wax and Stain

I am no expert in this area; I am only sharing my experience on using wax and stain.

I took this tin star that I had and wanted to paint it white.
Annie Sloans Chalk Paint is perfect to use to paint metal.
Once school is over, I want to try and make my own chalk paint.
With chalk paint you need to use wax to seal it.
I use the clear wax first, and then I like to use dark wax to age my pieces.
I wanted to share with you the oops I made the very first time I used wax.
When I opened the dark wax for the first time it looked like this.
I didn't think anything of it because I always used stain to age my other paint pieces.  I thought it wouldn't be a problem.  Boy was I wrong!  This is what happened to my end table when I tried to use the wax in this "runny" state.  It literally made a stain on the paint, and it did NOT go away with rubbing it with a cloth.
So what is the solution?
Refrigerate your wax until it gels up like the picture below.
Now on with the project.
Why do I like using the dark wax?
As you can see in the picture below,
the dark wax just seems to bring out the character in a piece.
The left side has clear wax on it, and the right side has the dark wax.
You need to always buff the wax as a final step.
When you can rub a cloth over the wax and it is no longer tacky,
then you know it is time to buff.
The buffing is what gives the wax a nice sheen.

I found that the warm temperatures are the worst to use wax.
 When it is the right temperature you don't need to wait long at all to buff.
I still love to use stain when painting wood.
I really like how stain soaks into the wood.
I am sold on both.
What about you?  What do you like to use?


  1. Hi Tammy. Thanks for the tips. My dark wax never got runny so I didn't have that problem. My problem is I cannot get just a light covering of the dark wax even over clear. I guess I just have a heavy hand but I do like the aged look. When we refinished our oak furniture we always used a dark oak stain, then I would use it on painted pieces to age it. It is so easy to control and I think I might have to return to that method. I love AS paint however and how it goes on everything perfectly..Happy Weekend..Judy

  2. Hi Tammy, looks good! I always use antiquing wax, but sometimes a stain to glaze. Depends on the look I'm going for. Hope to see you again on the Crafty Country Cottage Linky Party today!


  3. Looks Great! I have never had my AS Wax get runny was yours in a warm area?

  4. It is probably 70% to 30% - wax to stain for me. I live where it is often hot so both sometimes give me problems. The wax may be runny or the stain may stay tacky longer. I love a clear wax finish on pastel furniture.

  5. hi Tammy
    Thanks for sharing this, I'd love the result with the dark wax, I'd love to try it someday since I also love chalk paint and I've done small projects.


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