Thursday, June 13, 2013

Early Summer Garden Update

They are calling for some severe storms in our area today.  I wanted to take some pics of my veggie garden's progress before any high winds damage it.
All the plants that I transplanted have taken well in their new spots.  
Maybe my thumb is getting greener :)
My son's potted Mint is doing well in the 'Greenhouse'.
As an experiment I planted some red potatoes that had sprouts on them.
I remember planting potatoes with my grandpa when I was younger, and we just threw them into some mounds.  That is what I did, and we have potato plants!  Now I have no clue when to harvest them. 
Any Suggestions???
Here is a pic of the garden a few months ago before my hubby added another small stone wall.
Here it is today with the new wall and some transplanted perennials. 
and here is last year's garden design
Spring 2012
Today 2013
We got some real gusty winds after I took these pics.  I heard the second batch of storms is suppose to be more severe than this one was this morning.
Have a great day :)


  1. Nice garden! Your potato plants will get flowers on them and then small berries( which are poison). Once they have berries the potatos can be eaten, although the skins will not alow you to store them as they are very thin. Once the plants start to die back wait 20 days and then havest. The potatoes can be stored at this point.

    Hope this helps.


  2. Hi Tammy, I've been keeping up with these storms and we sure hope it isn't too bad for you and your neighbors. Take good care my friend and be very watchful. Your garden is beautiful. Hope it will survive the storm. We will keep you in our thoughts Sweetie!
    Love Hugs Prayers & Purrs,
    Loretta & Kitty

  3. It's looking great Tammy! Hope the storms don't hit hard, stay safe!

  4. I believe you harvest potatoes when the leaves are withering. I haven't planted any mind you, I just read it in my gardening book. Our spring is so cold I haven't had a single pepper flower yet... I guess I won't have any pepper this year!

  5. Oh those storms, we had them too...hope your garden and yard faired ok. I was going to give you a tip on your potatoes like you asked but Janet (above) hit the nail dead on...your garden looks awesome!

  6. Great garden, I love red potatoes! You doo have a green thumb, look at what you have created!!


  7. Your garden looks beautiful. I love your creative 'fencing' too!! I hope it rewards you with lots of goodness!


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