Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Tall Prim Cabinet

My mind would not settle until I made this cabinet.  Sometimes that can be so annoying.  I wanted to build a tall cabinet out of the leftover porch wood and pallets.  I had envisioned it much wider, but I did not have enough of the right kind of wood for the top and the base. I started off making the door and gathered wood for the frame.
I built the sides alternating thin and wide boards.  I like the look of it not being uniform.  Before I painted it, the cabinet looked like a Big Top Tent.
I tried to make sure the shelves would be level, but I ended up doing this all over when the cabinet was finished. :)
I decided to use up my old kitchen cabinet paint. Rustic Cedar was the color. It is oil based.  Have I told you how spoiled I am from using chalk paint.  I never want to use oil again.  It took forever to dry!  Here is a pic of the color before and after stain.  The dark walnut stain made it a barn red color.
I had my oldest son whittle a piece of wood for my lock.
I reused some hinges I took off of something.
This picture makes the color of the cabinet look orange...It is NOT orange looking.
Here it is 4'5" tall and 20.25" wide
I know these are bad pics.  It was a cloudy day, and my camera did not want to focus right.  I wanted to use natural lighting so the color looked natural.  Oh well.....
What was so great about making this cabinet is that I was able to make it without buying a single item...just my time.

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  1. totally cool cabinet! love it! I am spoiled with chalk paint too, I hate all other paint....ha ha

  2. You are one talented lady, Tammy! This is a great primitive cabinet. The little detail of a hand-carved latch makes it appear as old as the hills. Are you selling or keeping this beauty?
    (No more oil paint for me either! I hate the clean up.)

  3. LOVE it, Tammy!!! So nice!!!

  4. Wooooah!
    This baby looks like it was made decades ago for a pantry, maybe a broom/cleaning closet, and maybe even a very prim linen closet.
    You did a GREAT job! Love the color, love the chunkiness, love the whole darned thing.

  5. Love it, wonderful job. and Free!

  6. I am so impressed with your cabinet. It really does remind me of a cabinet that was in my grandparents home. I am also impressed that you really did use what you had. Nice job.
    I love it!

  7. Love it! You did a great job and I love the color!

  8. It is beautiful in person.lol Wilson, you did a great job on the handle to lock it. <3 it!

  9. I love how rustic it looks and the colour is perfect!

  10. Your cabinet looks amazing! Love the finish on the outside, lovely color.

  11. I've been looking at loads of cabinets the past few days for ideas for building my own and this one is the closest I've seen to how I want mine to look! This looks amazing and I like the color, though I have a bunch of walnut and cherry boards with some gorgeous grain that I plan on simply coating with a few coats of poly so they keep their color and grain. Thanks for sharing this beautiful design!


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