Monday, September 26, 2016

FALL:A Change of Seasons and A Change of Shutters

Happy Fall Ya'll!
It has finally been some jacket weather here in our area.
I love the cooler weather.  Today was so cozy with it being overcast outside.  I had my little candlelights in the house on and lit a pumpkin apple scented candle.  Isn't it amazing how many senses we use to identify with seasons!
Hubby and I started to spruce up the outside a little more to our liking today.
When we first moved in, we knew that one of the very first things we wanted to do was change out the shutters.  We really weren't impressed with the royal blue shutters.  I also like the raised panel look better than the louvered look.  We finally bought some black vinyl raised paneled shutters.
Here is a pic that was taken at the inspection.
Here are the new shutters.
It makes such a difference, and they really aren't that expensive.  Although we are only doing the front of the house so only 4 sets were needed.  We still have 2 more sets to hang. 
We are waiting on a longer ladder :(
Waiting is a good thing.
It builds character :)


  1. Pretty change! We are due for new shutters as well - but our neighborhood requires them on every single window! 18 total, plus two on our garden shed! It's a big job for sure and on "the list" for spring. Good luck with your waiting - it's not easy! Jane

  2. The black shutters really made the brick much prettier. We did the same thing and had ours painted black from a green color....which wasn't bad at all....but we have brick and also wood siding above the brick....half way up. Painted that a med. gray and with both the new paint, white trim, and black shutters.....red door.....really made it pop it looks more up to date and prettier. Good choice you made!


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