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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Small Projects = Big Satisfaction

I love days where we can get some small and much needed projects done around the home.
Today was one of those days.
The one sconce in our one and only bathroom died on us months ago.
The wiring inside the sconce was no good.
Half the room was dark as you can see in this photo that I shared on FB the other Sunday.
(I thought the scene reminded me of a Norman Rockwell painting.)
We went to purchase one that was identical to this one, and of course they didn't have one.
We ended up buying new ones that were not silver.
I really thought about getting the real cheap ones and painting them, but I was afraid that I would do all that work and the wiring would go bad in them all too soon too.
Hubby made sure the electric was off before he started.
(I put that in there for my Mother-in-Law)
Within minutes we had bright light again in our bathroom!
I do like the look of these.
They have an old street lamp feel.
(Maybe I should have used them outside..hmm???)

Unfortunately we have silver towel racks in the bathroom that don't match.
I am guessing that if I really want to, I can paint them to match the new sconces.

We'll see.
I'm still plugging away at the kitchen.
We finally put on the switch plates that needed cut because of how the paneling and the trim meet in the kitchen.
All those little things add up, and I am one that really gets bothered to leave projects half done for days or months at a time.
I'll be giving an update on the kitchen in my next post.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dresser Makeover

I am so excited about this dresser!
It really is amazing to me what a coat of paint and some wax can do.

This is what the dresser looked like.
I was on my way to the grocery store one day, and
I found it out for trash along the side of the road.
What a treasure!
I ran to the front door to make sure it was trash.
The young boys, at the house, helped me load it in the van.
My mom stayed in the alley with my kiddos while I drove it back to my house.

This was a couple of years ago.
It became my youngest son's dresser.
He did not want it and asked if we could swap dressers.

I had plans for this piece when I found out about Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint.
It has such pretty details, but the veneer was really chipping everywhere.

My hubby tried to take it off on the top here and just made it ugly.
I had plans to replace these two warped pieces with one long dresser top.

I found a blog that showed me how to remove veneer.
You can read about it HERE

Now I was ready to paint.

Before I show you more pics of the painted dresser, please take time to meet my new wax brush.
I found an AS's Stockist near my home, and she had these short handled wax brushes for sale.

I was using a regular paint brush before, but there is something about the way this brush is made that it brushes the wax on easier than the regular paint brush.  
I used less wax than with the regular brush.
It was worth my investment for sure!
I also love the short handle.

Ok....on with the dresser.
I must tell you that I am a Country style sort of gal not a Shabby Chic Gal.
My home is not Shabby Chic, but I was really liking the Duck Egg and Frenchy look on the blogs. 
 I wanted one room in my house to be Frenchy, Cottage.
This dresser was perfect and my bedroom is the perfect, unfinished room to change.

As I was painting this dresser I thought about the imperfections that became apparent on the Oak that was underneath the veneer.  I was so happy that this piece was for me and not someone else because of those imperfections.  
I didn't want to highlight the details with Old White, although I think it would have been beautiful if I did.
It just wasn't me. 
I wanted to highlight the details with the dark wax.
And I did, and I love the way they turned out.
I used Fiddes & Son's clear and dark wax.

This is one of the many holes that were in the drawers underneath the veneer.
It almost looks like a little key hole.

My hubby attached the top two boards with some "L" brackets.

This little area will eventually get a basket put in it when I find the right one,
but you can see how the top is attached in this pic.

I couldn't believe how nice it looks!

Here it is!!

I love it.
I am looking forward to doing more Duck Egg in my room.
Hubby likes it too :)

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Humble Tradition

Themes, balloons, streamers and such; our birthday parties were not made of much.
Our children did not get themed parties with lots of friends.

Our tradition is to have Grandma over -- maybe Uncle John & Aunt Leslie or Aunt Katie.
We make a cake from a box and icing too.
We open presents and enjoy a take out meal like Pizza or Chinese.
This is our humble tradition.

Two of our boys have birthdays after Christmas.
This year our third child's birthday fell on a day that we were invited to a New Year's party.
I thought I would buy a cake that had his name on it and this would be something a little special.
I thought he would enjoy being with other children on his birthday.

3yrs old
Grandma came, and we opened presents.
He loved this time--even though he had to do school in between visiting his grandma.

He was very thankful for the gifts.

Today is our oldest's birthday.

5 yrs. old

Grandma came.
He opened gifts.

Our third child expressed to me today how much he missed his birthday being a normal birthday.
He missed making a cake from the box and having pizza that night.
I couldn't believe our little humble birthday tradition meant so much to him.

I sat back and watched as our oldest opened his presents.

I realized it is the little things that count.
Like a Dunkin Donuts coupon and an old stamp given to him by his youngest brother.

It is getting a card in the mail from Grammy & Grandpop and Aunt Katie too.
.....and a homemade card made by his sister.

It is the cupcakes made from a box and store bought icing too that puts a smile on their faces.

It is in these small things that make their birthday so special.

Plus It's Chinese tonight :)

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Decorating with New Things--A Good Change

I do not care for change, but I love decorating with our new Christmas presents.
Decorating is fun to me now.  I find myself rearranging all the time.
I like a new look around the house.  This is good "change" for me.

Decorating was not a big thing in my home when I was a child.
 Growing up I lived in an apartment that had crazy paneling on two walls, purple paint on one and yellowish, white paint on the other wall of our living room.  It was a rented apartment and my mom will be the first to admit, she really didn't mind it--she likes color.  :)

I on the other hand could not stand it.  
I never said anything to my mom growing up, but I was bound not to have purple walls in my house.

What color did my 13 year old want to paint her room?  That's right, Purple.

I told her that we could accent her room with purple and that we would paint the walls yellow.
Slowly we have turned her room into what she wanted.  She even has purple curtains.  We got her this purple lamp for Christmas.  She made her dry erase picture frame from a yard sale find and painted the pencil can purple herself.  
Her daddy even gave her a purple note pad.

This tea cup rack was a gift to her also.
She decorated it with her tea cups...that cute chubby baby is her at the hospital the day she was born.

This made room in my china cabinet for Dan's Grandmom's china.
She gave it to me when she moved into an apartment at a retirement home back in 1995.

This is one of our visits at the retirement village years ago.
She has since passed away.
Her china was in a china cabinet for years until I had to sell the cabinet to help pay off debt.
Now it has a new home in my china cabinet I found on craigslist this past year.
The top shelf is my everyday teacups, and the bottom two shelves is her china set.

Being able to display and use them again feels like a present to me.

Since I didn't sell my table runners at my craft sale this year, I chose to keep one for myself.  I think I have a total of 1 small quilt out of  20-25 that I have made over the years.  
This will be quilt #2 for me to keep.
I love it on my table.  
Now if I could keep the boys from spilling their new calligraphy ink all over it I will be happy.

My mom gave Bessy this hand painted rack.--painted by my Friend
I love the farm scene. 

I bought myself this star at the Christmas Tree Shop for 74 cents.
I love it.  
I also kept that shelf I made HERE.

Now I am soon ready to take down the Christmas decor and return to normal life.
I think I will wait till next week, after New years....... I think  :)

How about you?  How long do you leave your Christmas decorations out?
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