Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Using an Old Picture Frame

Hello everyone!
It has been too long since I wrote a post.
Oh how I've missed creating!  Now that the weather is better, I think my mind is beginning to work again.  I have been busy with orders from some friends.  I would like to share with you this special order.  Someone asked if my son could draw a tree on one of her signs, making it extra special.
She also wanted it framed.  since I am no good at making frames, the cheaper and most sure way of having one was to shop at a second-hand shop and buy a unique frame for $.99.  I glued and nailed a thin wood board to the back, and I painted it with Annie Sloans Old White.
Now, Here goes the true talent.  I watched my 14 year old son go to work.  He is absolutely talented, and I am not just saying that because he is my son.  The Lord has blessed him amazingly in the sketching realm.
 Here goes the not so talented, let's print off the computer, and trace our letters person....Me.
I used the charcoal method that I shared with you all HERE.
Here it is before I waxed it.
And here it is after some clear and dark wax. 
 I am sure she will love his tree.


  1. What a talent your son has! Can not believe a 14 year old did that...so amazing you must be so proud. Such a great little project : )

  2. I am sure she will LOVE THIS picture.....so wonderful!!!!

  3. OMG he sure is talented. It's beautiful and he should start selling his work for sure.

  4. You both did great!!! Harrison you are so blessed with your drawings!!! Tammy, keep up your creativity. God has really blessed you also!!!

  5. Oh my, my. Somebody does indeed have a gift. I'm thinking he can start a business all his own... Etsy here he comes! What a blessing to see a child using their talent for the Lord at such a young age. Hope he plans to sell some stuff at your craft show. PTL!


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