Thursday, October 8, 2015

Making Grubby Nightlights

First of all I would like to give credit to this crafty lady, Maggie, where I got this great idea from.  I wish I thought of it myself.  It is so easy! She recommended using the Walmart brand silicone, so I did.  I have no other brand to compare the silicone with.  It worked well for me.  
I mixed the silicone with some fresh ground cinnamon that I grounded using my coffee grinder.  That is why there looks like chunks of something on the light bulbs.  After stirring the silicone and cinnamon in a glass jar, I dipped the light bulb into the mix and twisted and turned until I covered the bulb.
I bought the nightlight at our local Dollar Store
For the night light base, I mixed ground coffee and my ground cinnamon. 
 No I did not use expensive coffee.  I had bought it for $1.  
I used good ole Elmer's Glue--not the washable kind.
  1. Using a paint brush, brush on glue where you want it to be grubby.
  2. Sprinkle coffee and cinnamon mix over the glue. Let dry for a couple hours or just until a tiny bit of mix comes off when you tap it.  Mix will come off even when dried overnight.
  3. Repeat layering until desired coverage.  I only did one layer since the background was black.
  4. Brush final coat of glue over grubby mix and let dry till completely clear and shiny. The grubby mix darkens as it dries.
Here is a visual of how I hung the silicone bulbs and layered the grubby mix.
I love Visuals!
Finally I stained a first-aid gauze pad with some coffee and vanilla. Then I cut it into small strips to tie around the grub.
Boy, do they smell good!
Love it!


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