Monday, February 20, 2017

New Home Tour # 4: Mud Room and Half Bath

We basically have one more room to paint and the hallway upstairs until we call it quits for now.  Even though it is February the weather is yelling, "Spring Time!".  We are itching to do some landscaping and hopefully plant a veggie garden.  We'll see.
I am sharing with you today our Mud Room and the Half Bath that is off of that room.
 Here is what it looked like at inspection, and what it looks like now.
We took the lovely mirrored bifold closet door off and put a real door on the half bath that actually locks and doesn't allow anyone to play peek-a-boo at an odd moment.  No one wanted to use this bathroom just for the fact that it was a bifold closet door. 
We also took down the 90's wall paper and went with the colonial painted trim look :)  We used Benjamin Moore's Woodstock Tan.
This is the view from our family room/sun room.
 We're using this room to store our school things and our printer.
It is not decorated the way I really want it to be in this corner, but we're getting there.
 This is my favorite corner!  I can't wait to clip flowers from the garden and hang them on my ladder.
I picked this lovely old farmhouse table up on craigslist.  I did have to cut it down and put it all together again and then stain the table top.  I absolutely love it.  I also found these chairs up on craigslist (3 for $20).  Not sure if I want to keep them like this or not.  I really like the way they look against the color of this room.
 Now for the half bath, I made a skirt for the sink with left over drop cloth material.  The curtain is attached to the tiny corner sink using velcro.  For the hand towel, I bought a cute wall hook.  My great uncle's minnow can is being used as a trash can.
 The corner mirror cabinet was there, I just painted and stained it.
We also changed out the fan that was in the mudroom.
All in all with paint and fan it was a makeover totaling less than $150.
Not bad!


  1. It looks so homey now!!
    Love our W.C =).

  2. You have done a wonderful job - how thrilling!

  3. one of the teeniest sinks I have ever seen :) Love your curtains! Fabric? (looks like cheesecloth but is darker...)

  4. I love what you did & Dan too! I agree with Bethany, it looks very homey! Love it!!!

  5. It looks so nice! Love the trim color!


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