Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Wax Malfunction--Not for every piece

Okay, to give the wax some credit, 
I was not smart enough to think this through when I applied the dark wax to the table top. 
I was very impatient, after all this was a new to me table that I purchased to have just in time for Christmas dinner and gatherings.  I needed it finished, and I needed it done in one day.  
HAHA!  My one weakness 😉
Here is the dark wax finish.....So beautiful and so soft and that is what I forgot!  
So soft that when hot stuff comes in contact with wax bad stuff happens! 
 So here are the original Marketplace pics.  I didn't realize how scratched up the surface was until hubby brought it home.  I knew that I wanted to darken the top and paint the legs anyway, so I decided to strip and sand it down.  After all Christmas was just around the corner.  Our other table was 3' x 6' and this one measures 3'8" x 6' with (2) 18" leaves to go on either end, giving us so much more room for guests to sit and food to be placed on the table. 
 I finished the top in one day!  I was so excited!  
I could wait until after January to paint the legs now that the top was beautiful! 
I was so foolish (still am).  
Wax is not a good finish on surfaces that are used with hot dishes, 
plus I did not allow any curing time for the wax or any other finish.  
After Christmas I decided that I like the darker Espresso stain vs the Oak or early American stain that I had.  
I stripped it again, sanded, and this time stained the top.  
I added poly and let it cure for the time it was to cure. (Good Girl!)
Here are the different stages it  went through.
I painted the bottom of the table in Annie Sloan's Graphite; I only used dark wax over the Graphite.
 Here it is how it looks today.
The poly still chipped and bubbled at spots, which never happened to me before.  
I was wondering if it had something to do with the stripper I used. 
 I did clean it with mineral spirits before applying the stain. 
 Hmmm...don't know.

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  1. You did a great job....as always. :) It is good you know how to correct your mistakes.


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