Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Craft Room Change

 After a year in our new home, I decided that I do not like doing projects in the basement.  Even though it is a big open space, I still find myself upstairs with the family and the sunlight.
At first I wanted this room to be like a breakfast nook/office.  I still want to use it as an office, but I am bringing all of my craft supplies upstairs.
This is were the sun shines so brightly, and the plants drink in the rays!
It is also the perfect place for photos.
Yes, I want to work here not downstairs.
I brought my other hutch out here and am in the process of figuring out what goes where and how to store things.  This room is right off of our family room where everyone gravitates; it too is a bright, welcoming room.
We still use this room like an office too. 
I wanted to take a moment and share about this little table.  When Miss Mustard Seed advertised that she was having a moving sale, I wanted to go see what she was going to get rid of.  She has some amazing things.  One of the pieces she was selling was this drop leaf table.  I believe it was her husband's childhood table.  Anyway, I was scared to ask the price. I finally broke down and asked.  She said $10!  I couldn't believe it.  When I learned it was a family piece, I asked "are you sure?".  She said it is just 'stuff''.  She was very generous and polite; a sweet lady.  Glad I got to meet with her before she moved across the country.
I'm not sure what I am going to do with it, that is if I do anything with it.  My daughter likes it just the way it is--all chipped and used looking. The light oak just really isn't what I like, but it does go well in this room.
I'm really enjoying the change and opportunity to be with the family and great lighting.


  1. Don't blame you...it is always good to be around family. I also know you like being in the light! :) Better to work that way too!

  2. Light!light!light! I also love it! I also like light oak, I know you prefer darker colors. See you soon


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