Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Fruit from my Garden

  Last year at around this time I was browsing stands and markets for flowers and herbs to dry just longing for a garden.  I missed my flower gardens so much!  There are so many things that play into making a place YOUR home.

Having your loved ones near is the sweetest thing.  My family is truly my home, but I always wanted to make the buildings, that we dwelt in over the years, cozy, peaceful, and warm.  You know, which truly starts with our hearts.  When Mama isn't right in her spirit then it really reflects on our husbands and children. (I put that in there as a good reminder to me.  Sometimes I can get so caught up into the outward, that I am not taking care of the inward.  We all have good and bad days though.)

Anyway this post is to share my excitement about the smell of dried flowers/ herbs
I hung this ladder in our mud room in hopes that I could dry my own flowers/herbs.
I have oregano, dill and lavender drying. 
 I did not get flowers from my English lavender this year *sigh* maybe next year.
The smell is wonderful!
Oh the memories those smells bring. 
 I have had dried flowers in our home since we married 22 years ago.
So thankful!

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